The 15 Best Viral Videos of 2013

It was an amazing year for YouTube videos. These videos were funny, interesting, shocking, and most of all, they’re the videos of 2013 you need to see.

15. The Cookie Monster Likes More Than Just Cookies by Bilbo Swaggins

A quick video that shows one of the characters hanging out at Times Square might have more desires than just cookies. It’s a classic viral video for its brevity, reality, and downright funniness.

14. Guy Uploads Video to YouTube 1000x Times by Canzona

Half art piece, half spectacle, this interesting project is a testament to dedication and hard work. It shows how the medium (YouTube) affects the work in a extreme manner. Mainly, it’s just really cool to see how much damage YouTube does to a video after so many uploads.

13. Typical YouTube Video Mediocrity Turns Delightful

A typical video of a TV screen goes from ho-hum to amazing in seconds. We won’t give it away, but this one never gets old.

12. I Towed Joey Graceffa’s Car by Nate Clark

Frankly, in terms of raw personality, this may be my favorite video of the year. Basically, the extremely likable Nate Clark’s driveway is severely impeded upon by obnoxious, archetypal “how-is-this-YouTuber-famous?” Joey Graceffa. Nate calls him out with some of the best snark ever known to man (but not plants).

11. Wrecking Ball – Chat Roulette Version by Steve Kardynal

Outrageous and based on the most popular video of the year, it’s hard not to like this very funny parody of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

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