10 Most Embarrassing & Worst Facebook Posts of 2013

Facebook is where you can share with friends and sometimes that means people sharing just how terribly and inept they are at being human beings. Here’s the 10 Worst Facebook Fails of the Year.

1. Chillen With My Gf

chillen with my gf

A self-like and an obvious fake, this is practically fail art. This dude would be a genius if he wasn’t so horrifically stupid.

2. Congrats on Your Dead Child


A simple reading comprehension gaffe that could easily ruin anywhere from an acquaintance-ship to a lukewarm friendship, but let’s hope this dude left FB unscathed as it was clearly unintentional. Still, yikes-a-roni, read the status or don’t comment, people.

3. Crying Failure

girl crying

While people posting pictures of themselves crying on facebook isn’t that unique, this failure is truly heightened by the fact that this girl EDITED TWO PHOTOS OF HERSELF CRYING TOGETHER. That kind of effort has to be appreciated somewhere, and that place is here.

4. Laying Down the Law on Mom

laying down the law with mom

It’s tough to call just which social class this girl was in, but based on her mom’s response, she doesn’t really know the taste of poverty – which is lame enough, but the truly excruciating part here is her threat to ban her poor mother from Facebook — just for slightly pointing her the right direction. Cut your mum some slack, geesh, you’re going to block her?! Just delete the next “inappropriate” comment. Nope, this girl is laying down the law. Wow, tough.

5. Tracing Back Your Family History to Adam & Eve

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.46.00 PM

Sure ya did. And congrats on coming from so much incest, via Bible.org:

If the race was to populate and fulfill the command of [The Story of Adam and Eve], there is little doubt that Adam’s sons and daughters had to have married their own sisters and brothers if the race was to populate the earth

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