WATCH: Irish Dad Reacts to Son’s ‘Failed’ Driver’s Test [NSFW]

YouTube user ruaridoc shared this hilarious, NSFW video of an Irish father’s reaction to his son’s “failed” driver’s exam.
Of course, the son is just pranking his father and finally admits that he passed at the end.
But in the middle, the amount of F-bombs dropped by father have been calculated thus by Reddit-user Azkabandi, who also watched the video:

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Just in case anyone was wondering: “Fuck” was said 21 times throughout this video.
That’s roughly 0.21 “fucks” per second (fps) Or 12.6 fucks per minute (fpm)
Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street averaged out at roughly 3.06 fpm throughout the 180 minute movie. that’s 506 fucks said throughout the movie (record breaking).
If we take this video’s fuck rate and compare it to Scorsese’s. In other words if the Irishmen talked for 180 minutes they’d say fuck about 2268 times.
Equation: Average FPM = total fucks said ÷ length of movie

That’s A LOT of F-bombs.

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