Venny Twitter Trend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

what is venny


Hell hath no fury like a Black twitter scorned. Dominating twitter for a good portion of this morning, was the hashtag “Venny,” which refers to an infamous tweeter with the handle @DarthVenn.

Here’s what that’s all about:

1. Venny Was a Racist Twitter Troll


@DarthVenn collected as many haters as followers, in the course of her prolific tweeting career, in which she offered up such 140 character witticisms as “Only dark skin men get aids.”

Although her account has been deleted, a review of her previous retweets and mentions shows that much of DarthVenn’s output was more playful than offensive:

2. A Video Was Posted Supposedly Revealing Venny IRL

This morning, a video was uploaded to Youtube that purportedly shows the real life Venny, who bares little resemblance to her profile pic, and is significantly less conventionally attractive. The video was uploaded by an account registered to Kelly Soprano.

The video features shakey smartphone footage of a heavyset woman walking away from her camera wielding interlocutor, and out into an Applebees parking lot.

Nowhere in Bossip or Gossip Plug‘s write-ups on the video can Heavy find any explanation of exactly why/how people know that the woman in the video is in fact Venny.

3. Mean Memes Were Made

The woman in the video is overweight, and her back looks oddly lumpy in the sweater she’s wearing, and the internet went WILD.

4. DarthVenn Denies the Video Is Actually of Her



Before deleting her account, DarthVenn seems to have embraced the video, changing her profile picture to a split screen of her old avatar, and a still of the girl from the Youtube video.

In her tweets she seems alternately bemused and horrified at how much attention the viral clip has garnered:


5. Everyone Should Be Nicer to Each Other on the Internet Being We Are All of Us Human

There are two possibilities here:

One is that an overweight woman was trying to enjoy a meal at Applebees, when she was chased down by a stranger with an iphone, and had her body made into an object of national mockery.

The second is that an overweight woman with a sharp wit, some racial prejudice, and an unhealthy desire for provoking people had the same thing happen to her.

Neither of which seem like good things.

Not that I want to be a wet blanket to all of you who are having fun with this whole mess.

Or…maybe I do want to be that wet blanket.

I just hope you don’t ever find me in the bathroom of a TGIFridays.

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