WATCH: ‘Escape Artist’ Entertainer Fails & Runs Out of Party Crying

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A group of friends found Byron the Escape Artist advertising on Craigslist, so of course they decided to hire him. What could be better than a Craigslist escape artist?
Byron started his show with the usual grandiose historicity of a magician, but unfortunately for Byron, while he may be book smart, he’s not exactly up to snuff on the actual performing of these feats.

Your friends would be so into this!

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After asking for more time to escape, and demanding absolute silence, Byron runs out of the party teary-eyed still wearing a straightjacket. Which may be his biggest fail yet: running down the city street in a straightjacket.
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UPDATE: Apparently “Byron” is an actor hired for a publicity stunt! Per an indiegogo campaign site:

We held a fundraiser for our upcoming short film There I Was Stuck In Babe Land. The audience was under the impression we hired an escape artist off Craigslist named Byron King. In actuality, we hired the very talented actor James R King. When the artist failed to escape, things got real tense, real fast.