Marcus Johns, Vine Star: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Marcus Johns is a 21-year-old Vine celebrity and aspiring actor who is making it big on the iPhone screen. He has 4.7 million Vine followers who cant get enough of his bright green eyes and goofy videos.

1. He Made Vine Videos With Some of Today’s Biggest Stars at the 2014 Oscars

According to Mashable, Johns was hired by Fandango to be their social media consultant for the 2014 Oscars red carpet. Fellow Vine star Jerome Jarre was also hired by Fandango for this job. Johns used social media apps to report on everything going on with some of our favorite celebrities on the red carpet. He even made some fun Vine videos with some of the stars he caught up with.

2. He Was a Child Actor Who Appeared in The Punisher

As a young child Johns appeared as Will Castle in The Punisher in 2004. This movie was about an FBI agent who seeks revenge on the business man that killed his whole family. Unfortunately, Johns’ character was killed at the beginning of the movie. Check out the trailer for the film below.

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In 2012 he appeared in the movie Rock of Ages as a part of Drew’s Band.

3. His Brother Cody Is Also a Famous Vine Star

Cody and Marcus frequently do Vines together and they both have an impressive amount of followers. Cody has less followers than Marcus, with 2 Million, and Cody is living in LA to pursue his acting career.

4. Marcus Is a Devout Christian

Johns is very open about his faith on all of his social media platforms. He is also praised for having a Vine profile with only clean and appropriate humor. It is clear that he is a very religious person and he constantly reminds others to thank Jesus and pray on Twitter. While some think that he talks too much about his faith, it doesn’t seem to be interfering with his success or his growing followers on Vine. It is actually working in his favor because his fans, even if they don’t agree with his views, admire his honesty.
World Mag reports:

Johns’ profile tagline says “Jesus 1st,” and that’s not a throwaway line. On his Twitter account he regularly posts Scripture and lyrics from worship songs such as “In Christ Alone.” In question-and-answer sessions with his fans (yes, he has screaming girl fans), he has said he’s looking for a wife who “loves Jesus.” When he posted a photo at church, one female fan commented, “I will literally convert to Christianity for you.”

5. He Almost Dropped Out of College Because of His Vine Success

Johns attended Florida State University while he started to blow up as a Vine celebrity. According to Business Insider Johns lost focus on college due to his sudden fame.

Marcus has more than 4 million followers. Marcus is a 20-year-old junior at Florida State University who has contemplated dropping out of school because he makes so much money on Vine.

Vine isn’t only giving Johns popularity, it is making him enough money as a career. But, he did decide to stay in school to help him with his future goals of becoming a producer or director. Johns told Her Campus:

I want to go out to L.A. after I graduate. I want to act first and eventually build it into a directing and producing career. I’m getting my degree in media production to prepare me for that. I wanted to finish my degree before I go out and do all that, even though a lot of people in L.A. don’t have a degree.

Overall, Marcus Johns does not see his Vine success as a permanent destination, he sees it as an important stepping point that will help lead him to where he wants to get in life, and it may even give him an advantage.