PHOTOS: Doctors Extract 232 Teeth From Indian Teen’s Mouth

This teenager in India could make the tooth fairy go belly up.

Ashiq Gavai, a 17-year old from the Buldhana district in the Amravati region of India, was admitted into Sir J.J. Hospital with swelling on the right side of his face.

The Mumbai Mirror further reports:

Ashiq was diagnosed with a condition called composite odontoma or a benign tumour of the tooth, which can cause difficulties in eating, swallowing, and lead to a grotesque swelling of the face, though it is not life-threatening.

Gulf News adds:

As the surgery progressed, the team of medicos was aghast to see scores and scores of tiny teeth popping out of that abnormal molar, which was measuring around 3.5X2 cm, or the size of a large marble. “At the final count, we had a total of 232 small pearlies, all independently developing as teeth, coming out of that lone molar,” Dhivare-Palwankar said on Tuesday.

Ashiq now has the normal 28 teeth most humans have.

Photos of his operation are below and are not for the queasy.

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