WATCH: Crazy Man Tries to Run Over Dirt Biker With Truck

Guy trys to run over Dirtbike rider captured on Gopro100% real! just didn't like dirtbikes so he started following us and tried to run us down.2014-04-06T02:23:06.000Z

According to a YouTube channel affiliated with professional dirt bike racer Aron Harvey, the story behind this video:

We ride down a trail that is across the street from this guys house no where near his property. He simply didn’t like that so he put nails on the trail and we would still ride by cause that’s how we go to our riding spot. I tried talking to him letting him know we are just riding by but he just cussed me out. So his solution was to get in his car follow us and then proceed to try and hit us. Just a crazy old dude. 

Fortunately nobody was hurt and Harvey captured it all on his helmet mounted GoPro camera should the police need to get involved.

It took place in Carson City, Nevada.

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