Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas: Top 5 Dinner Recipes

Last-Minute Thanksgiving: How To Pull It Off

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you may have some loose ends to tie up for the holiday in terms of your menu. Perhaps, you're bringing a side or dessert to someone's house. Or, maybe you just haven't decided everything you're making for dinner. While we're on the subject of last minute Thanksgiving ideas, let's start with some decoration ideas. For place cards, gather up some big, dried leaves from outside and paint them a metallic color like gold, silver or bronze. Once it's dry, write each dinner guest's name across the middle of the leaf with a sharpie or permanent marker and place each leaf in the center of each place setting. For extra flair, write each name in cursive. If you are looking for some participation from your Thanksgiving guests, print out pieces of paper with "I Am Thankful For ..." on them. Your guests can fill them out and you can read them around the table. Check out a free printable for this idea by clicking here. Another couple trick you could do for decor are buying a kraft paper roll and using it as the table cloth. Provide crayons or markers. This will be the kids busy as they doodle ... and some of the adults too.


Let's start with a dessert that's easy to make, but looks like you put effort in and it's kid-friendly. It's the Candy Cornucopia. Click here to check out how to make it if you have trouble figuring it out from the above photo. Keep clicking through the gallery for more dinner ideas, side dishes, and appetizers for your last-minute Thanksgiving meal.