When Does ‘Go Set a Watchman’ Come Out?

harper lee, Go Set a Watchman, to kill a mockingbird, sequel

(Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Harper Lee has announced that her sequel to the literary classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” will be released this year. But what day does it become available?

The book becomes available July 14, 2015. You can preorder it here.

The announcement was made on February 3, 2015 by Penguin Random House. The storyline of the book will follow adult Scout Finch returning from New York to visit her elderly father, Atticus Finch.

The announcement stated that it will:

“conjure … the prejudices and claustrophobia of that small town in Alabama” made famous by To Kill a Mockingbird… [and]that, like To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman is “destined to speak to generations of readers… Immersing oneself anew in the rhythms and cadences of Harper Lee’s rich prose and meeting Scout fully grown makes for an irresistible read which also casts new light on one of the most popular classics of modern literature.”

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