‘To the Edge of the Sky’ Documentary Launches Kickstarter

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A documentary about parents fighting to get the FDA to pass life saving drugs before their sons die from muscular dystrophy has launched its Kickstarter campaign and is looking for your contributions to help.

Todd Wider and Jedd Wider are producers of Oscar and Emmy-winning films and To the Edge of the Sky is their latest venture into filmmaking for social justice. According to their Kickstarter:

This Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to finish To the Edge of the Sky, a documentary about parents fighting to stop Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy before it kills their sons. New drugs are on the horizon to treat this deadly disease but they are stalled at the FDA.

We are completing this film as soon as possible to help families as they battle to gain access to these potentially life-saving drugs.

The film follows four families with sons dying of Duchenne, which is one of the most common genetic killers diagnosed in childhood. With the aid of this film and contributors like you, Todd and Jedd Wider and these four families hope to save their children and future children from the horrors of this disease.

The Kickstarter launched on April 27 with a goal of $125,000. It runs for 29-days. To make a contribution and view the incentives to do so, click here.