When Is Columbus Day 2015?

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When is Columbus Day this year? For 2015, Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 12th. Some schools and businesses are closed, while others remain on their regular schedule. The United States has been honoring the day since colonial times as the holiday commemorates the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492. The holiday always falls on the second Monday of October and it is a federal holiday, which means there is no mail delivery and the banks are closed. Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and South Dakota, however, do not recognize Columbus Day. According to PublicHolidays.com, South Dakota chooses to celebrate Native American Day instead of Columbus Day and Hawaii celebrates Discoverers’ Day. Discoverers’ Day is a tribute made to the Polynesians who discovered the islands. Iowa and Nevada do not celebrate the holiday either though their governor is “authorized and requested” to proclaim the day each year. Texas and California celebrate Columbus Day, but they have removed the day as a paid holiday for government workers.

Many Italian-Americans attend church services and parades on Columbus Day. Originally, the holiday was held every year on October 12th, but in 1971, it was changed to every second Monday.

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