#NationalHugDay 2016: Top 5 Funny & Awkward Hug Videos

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Happy #NationalHugDay! Trust us, it’s a thing. On January 21st of each year since 1986, we now recognize National Hugging Day to bring awareness to the mental and physical benefits of hugging it out. To celebrate this wacky but sweet holiday, we’ve compiled five of the funniest, cutest, or most awkward hug videos on the internet. When you’re done watching them, go hug your loved ones, your animals, your friends, a tree, strangers on the street… It’s good for you!

1. Cute Animals Hugging

#NationalHugDay was meant for compilations of adorable animals giving out hugs. If you’re planning to give your pet a squeeze today, remember not to squeeze too hard. It turns out not all animals interpret hugs the way humans do.

2. A Nicki Minaj Fan’s Dreams Come True

Donnie had the best day of his pre-teen lift at a Nicki Minaj show in Belfast, Ireland. Donnie was brought onstage and, through his tears of joy, was given a hug by his idol.

3. Key & Peele Obama Meet & Greet

Comedy Central’s Key and Peele show did a sketch about President Obama being introduced to staffers and supporters after a speech. Hugs are given out, but only to some people. Watch to see who gets a hug and who gets a handshake or the cold shoulder.

4. Doberman Hug

Dobermans get a bad wrap as being a fearsome, possibly dangerous dog breed. The doberman in this video prefers the good kind of wrap – his paws around his owner.

5. The Ten Most Awkward Hugs

Messy Mondays is an internet sketch series poking fun at everyday situations. In this hilarious video they tackle the ten most awkward kinds of hugs, and I guarantee you have experienced all of them at some point in your life.

Don’t let those awkward hugs deter you from going out there and hugging everyone you can today! Maybe you should ask permission first.

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