WATCH: Japanese Condom Commercial Features Dinosaur Sex

WARNING: The above video contains material that may be sensitive to some viewers. Let’s just go ahead and say it contains sex. Dinosaur sex.

Japanese condom maker Okamoto wanted to make a lasting (sorry) impression on the marketplace. Their recent advertisement features a Tyrannosaurus Rex couple who at first appear to be locked in a fight to the death. That is until they begin doin’ it. However, the only thing shorter than a T. Rex arm is the male dinosaur’s performance. His lady is not happy. The ad touts the Okamoto Zero One condom, made with just a 0.01mm thickness. For when you want to outlast the dinosaurs (sorry).

They say sex sells, but prehistoric coitus is one of the more unusual marketing strategies we’ve seen. It sure does make for an unforgettable commercial though. Can you imagine if this aired on television in the United States? Okamoto’s American office might want to get on top of that (sorry). What if it aired during Super Bowl 2016? Actually, I can picture that.

While science can only provide us with speculation on how T. Rex couples got down and dirty, it’s actually believed that the tiny T. Rex arms that have become the butt of so many jokes actually helped the dinosaurs mate. And those are your dinosaur sex facts for the day.

Happy Hump Day!

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