Super Bowl Recipes 2016: Top 10 Easy Last Minute Party Appetizers & Finger Foods

Easy Last Minute Party Appetizers

You were planning on having a nice quiet Super Bowl on the couch with a six-pack and some chips and guacamole. Suddenly, you're drafted into having a bunch of people over at your house. Or, you got invited to a friend's game day gathering at the last minute and blurted out, "Let me bring something!" And now you're panicking. Don't panic - we've got you covered with plenty of quick and easy party food ideas.

Let's start off with prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears. Two ingredients, 10 minutes of prep, one skillet. Within five minutes of cooking you will have an elegant yet finger-foods-friendly appetizer. This recipe is best for when you have people over at your place, because they should be served immediately after their 2-3 minutes of cook time. Oh, you read that number right. Go here to check out the recipe.

Now run to the store and grab some supplies, time's a wastin'. WAIT! Before you go, click through our gallery to see what else you need to pick up at the store to get this (foot)ball rolling.