WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mobile Strike Super Bowl Commercial 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this year’s Super Bowl commercial for the Mobile Strike mobile app. He does battle with a kung fu fighting schoolgirl wielding pink brass knuckles.

Watch the teaser below, which is significantly longer than the commercial that aired tonight. It’s got everything you would expect from a war game ad: explosions, muscles, military might, and gunfire.

The teaser ad, which was uploaded to YouTube on February 2nd, featured the many versions of Arnold we’ve come to know and love. There’s a shot of him wearing a black leather jacket and walking through a war zone with Terminator-like determination. He lifts a computer tablet with a picture of a shotgun and uses it to fire at an enemy in the style of his cyborg character. We see the dapper suit-and-tie Arnold reminiscent of his days as the Governor of California. There is of course the rippling arm muscles shot as well. Arnold needed subtitles for his few lines in the ad. His Austrian accent is still so thick after living in the United States since 1968!

Fun Facts: Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently 68-years-old and his Snapchat handle is ArnoldSchnitzel. The guy has a sense of humor.