WATCH: Old ‘Tech Guy’ Accidentally Broadcasts Wife’s Vagina Pic on SmartWatch [NSFW]

warning graphic content

Leo Laporte, known as “Leo Laporte the Tech Guy,” is a technology-related radio personality who went to check the temperature on his Android Wear watch and accidentally showed a NSFW pic on the visual livestream.

While complaining about the Android Wear watch feature that requires the user to flip through all notifications before being able to get to the home screen, a close-up camera angle appears to show Laporte having received at least two close-up shots, purportedly of his wife’s vagina.

Laporte comments, “Ah, something filthy there, huh?”

His co-hosts audibly groan.

Laporte has also previously accidentally shown dick pics in his photo gallery while screen sharing his desktop. Watch below.

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They are called PUSSY pics, not vagina pics. Gee whiz, you are able to say dick pic but can’t say pussy pic? What’s wrong with you?


So then why did you call it “dick pic” for men and not “weiner pic”? You can say dick but you can’t say pussy? They are called pussy pics not vagina pics, especially since the vagina is an internal part and the pic didn’t show anything internal.

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