Top 70 Best Unique Gifts for Men: Best Ideas for 2018

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Finding the right gift for the men in your life can be tricky at the best of times. When the holidays roll around, that stress gets amped up to 11. There’s all kinds of social pressure to find the perfect gift, a gift idea so creative and cool that he’ll remember your thoughtfulness for years to come. If you’ve been stumped for a cool gift idea for someone in your life, we’re here to help. This is the gift guide for those seeking truly unique gifts for the important men in their life. You won’t see any of the typical, boring, over-played gifts for men on this list. That means no lame sweaters, no gift cards, no razors, no neck ties, and absolutely no lame candy. If you’re committed to finding a unique, unusual, and cool gift for all of the men in your life, we’re here to help. Whether you need a unique gift for your father, grandfather, partner, or best friend, we’ve combed the web to find some seriously unique ideas that will definitely impress your lucky gift recipient. Read on to see our top picks for the most unique gifts for men for any occasion.

1. Neuroon Anti-Jet Lag Sleep Mask

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Looking for a unique gift for a guy who travels all the time? This smart sleep mask is ideal for combatting jet lag, or for tracking sleep quality. The Neuroon mask tracks brain waves, pulse, body temperature, and body movement, creating a complete picture of your sleep cycle. When paired with your smartphone, you can get personalized recommendations that help improve sleep quality.

One really cool feature is the light alarm. When it’s time to wake up, the mask will gradually fill with light, simulating the rays of light you get around dawn. This wakes you in a gentle, more natural way. If you’re a heavy sleeper, the mask also adds vibration and smartphone audio alarms to help wake you up. The light alarm is a great way to wake up more naturally, particularly if your sleep rhythms have been disrupted by international travel.

This is a great gift for travelers, guys with sleep problems, or men who work irregular shifts and have a hard time establishing a regular sleep pattern. If you need a unique gift on a smaller budget, a similar gift idea we endorse is the Beddit 2.0 smart sleep system. Looking for more gift ideas for the intrepid traveler in your life? Browse more gift ideas in our guide to the best travel gifts.

Price: $319

Buy the Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask here.

2. Rocketbook Microwavable Wave Smart Notebook

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Why would you want to put a notebook in the microwave? Well, in the case of the Pocketbook Wave, popping your notebook in the microwave actually erases the pages. This makes this notebook both smart and green, since you can erase and reuse your notebook up to five times using the microwave. The secret is using a special Pilot FriXion pen, which uses a special kind of ink that turns clear at 140 degrees F. Each notebook comes with one of these special pens, but you should pick up more for when your lucky gift recipient loses their first pen. You can browse Pilot FriXion pens on sale at Amazon.

Beyond the microwaveable aspects, this is a really cool smart notebook. You can take longhand notes in the notebook, and then transfer them to your favorite cloud services from within the Rocketbook mobile app. Just hold your phone above the book and flip the pages. In milliseconds, the Rocketbook app detects your pages, scans them in and produces crisp images. Each page of the notebook also has special symbols along the bottom of the page. When you mark certain images and then upload your work, you will automatically send high resolution images to the destinations you’ve configured in the Rocketbook app. The app “sees” your marks and sends your notes to the places they belong online, making it easy to keep notes organized across different projects. Rocketbook plays nice with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud.

This is a unique gift for a writer, artist, student, or anyone who wants to channel their inner James Bond with a microwavable notebook that can erase their secret diary in mere moments. This is also a great collaborative tool for business, or for families who need help communicating better.

Price: $27

Buy the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook here.

3. Brew Cutlery (Stainless Steel Bottle Opening Silverware)

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(Brew Cutlery)

Silverware may not seem like a particularly exciting or unique gift, but add a bottle opener on the end of each one, and you’ve got a fun and unusual gift for your favorite beer geek. These are really nicely made, with a sturdy design and quality 18/8 stainless steel. These hand-finished utensils are hefty, weighing in at just under 150 grams. This is a great gift for any man who loves craft beer, picnics, or funky home goods. Pick up two or more sets to fully outfit their home kitchen, or pair this gift with some craft beer gifts like a beer making kit or the Sirloin Steak & Craft Beer Crate from Rastellis Market.

Need more gift ideas? Check out our guide to the most unique gifts for men who have everything, a gift guide that includes both high-end and budget-friendly gifts.

Price: $56.85 for a set of three utensils

Buy the Brew Cutlery here.

4. Mini Pong

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(Buffalo Games)

Speaking of beer, this fun mini pong table is perfect for bros and Joes who love drinking games. Designed to be portable enough to bring to a party, this game is designed for two players, or for two teams of two players each.

One thing that makes this gift unique is the tethered ball. This keeps you from losing the ball, and more importantly, keeps the ball from rolling on the floor and getting covered in dust and grime. Looking for a similar gift for less money? We also like this baseketball shot drinking game.

Price: $30.78 (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mini Pong game here.

5. Personalized Engraved Whiskey Flask

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(Crystal Imagery Inc)

Sometimes making a gift personalized is the best way to make it feel unique. We love this cool whiskey flask, which can be customized with your recipient’s name and home town. This is a custom, handmade item. It generally takes between four and five days to create, so keep that in mind, and make sure to order with enough lead time to get your gift before the holidays. If you’re shopping for someone who isn’t a whiskey drinker, we also like this company’s unique city street map pint glasses.

Price: $28

Buy this personalized flask here.

6. TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera

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Google Glass may have been a flop, but smart eyeglasses are still a cool idea that’s worth pursuing…especially if you can get them at an affordable price. Compared to the $1,500 Glass device, these sub-$200 smart glasses are a steal. Technically, the TheiaPro is just a camera. You have to provide the glasses. It’s fairly easy to install the camera on your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses. We actually like that this camera doesn’t come with a pair glasses, since this makes it a little easier to mesh the camera someone’s personal glasses style.

TheiaPro’s HD camera records in full 1080p, and offers expandable storage up to 32GB. No more pulling out a device, opening app and focusing on camera to capture an image. Just look and capture with a press of a button. A built-in flashlight helps you to see in the dark, and ensures night recordings will record better. We also like the fact that the TheiaPro comes with its own Wi-Fi, letting you stream the content that is being recorded on your glasses to the dedicated smartphone app, in real time.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves gadgets or photography. We also think it’s a really nice alternative to constantly seeing the world with your smartphone held up in front of your face. This is a fun way to record hands-free POV movies to share with the whole family. It costs less than Google Glass or a new GoPro, making it a smart gift for those who want something unique that won’t break the bank.

Price: $169

Buy the TheiaPro App Enabled Eyeglasses Camera here.

7. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

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Need a unique gift for the guy who is devoted to his dogs? The iFetch is a cool gift that can help him bond with his furry friends. The iFetch is an interactive ball throwing toy for dogs and puppies. iFetch can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be adjusted to throw a ball 10, 20, or 30 feet away, making it ideal for multiple breeds and dogs of different ages. The iFetch comes with three small balls. If you want more balls, you can pick up a set of five mini tennis balls for $15.

This is a great gift for someone who loves gadgets as much as they love their dog. It’s also a particularly nice gift for older pet owners who have arthritis or limited mobility. A larger version of this product, the iFetch Too, throws regular sized tennis balls. A smaller toy, the iFetch Frenzy, may be best for those on a tight budget.

Looking for more high-tech gifts for pet lovers? You should also browse our guides to the best pet cameras and the best self-cleaning litter boxes.

Price: $115

Buy the iFetch here.

8. Luna Artistic Series Great Wave Concert Ukulele

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(Luna Guitar)

Shopping for a guy who loved Amanda Palmer’s album of Radiohead covers on ukulele? Get him his own ukulele, and inspire him to make some music of his own. This gorgeous instrument stands out from other ukuleles we’ve seen because it features an image from “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” a famous woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. This is a 23-inch concert ukulele with mahogany body and rosewood frets. It comes with a soft gig bag for transporting the instrument. If you’re not sure that this is the best ukulele for his taste, we also recommend this cool shark ukulele. Either way, make sure to pick up a “how-to” book if he’s never played before. We recommend 21 Songs in 6 Days: Learn Ukulele the Easy Way: Ukulele Songbook.

Want more creative and unusual gift ideas? Browse our guide to weird gifts.

Price: $119

Buy the Luna Artistic Series Great Wave Concert Ukulele here.

9. Fulinken Men’s Two-tone Leather Formal Dress Shoes Oxford Boots

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Okay, shoes aren’t the most innovative gift idea. But these seemingly ordinary Oxford boots have a very cool design on the sole, making them really unusual. The gears and cogs make this a nice option for dudes who are into the steampunk aesthetic. This is a cool gift for the guy who is so unique, even his footprints must be one of a kind. Not sure these kicks are punchy enough for your guy? Browse more unique and unusual men’s shoes here.

Price: $89

Buy these boots here.

10. ‘Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918’

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Looking for a unique gift for a friend who is passionate about history, LGBTQ issues, or photography? Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918 is a great book that focuses on male friendship in the 1800s. Featuring 100 early photographs, drawn from both public and private collections, this book offers a tantalizing glimpse at male friendships and male relationships in the Victorian era. In addition to the photographs, the book features a 50-page essay by author and historian David Deitcher that delves into the historical aspects of the men of this era. Ultimately, each photo is ambiguous, with the reader left to decide if the men featured in each picture are platonic friends, or romantically involved. A related title that may also be of interest is Love Stories: Sex Between Men Before Homosexuality.

Price: $6.26 and up for a hardcover copy

Buy Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together, 1840-1918 here.

11. Railroad Spike Knife

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(Northern Crescent Iron)

This cool knife from Northern Crescent Iron is a great gift for guys who appreciate handmade things. Each knife is forged from a railroad spike. Each knife is handmade, and may vary slightly in length and appearance. General dimensions are a blade between four and five inches long, with a five inch handle. If you want to make this gift more unique, you can opt to have initials or a date stamped into the end of the handle. There is a limit of 10 total characters. This is a handmade item that usually takes four or five days to create, so keep that in mind when you order, and make sure you plan enough time for the item to be crafted and shipped. If the knife isn’t quite the right thing, you may also like this artisan’s railroad spike bottle opener.

Looking for more small gift ideas? Get inspired by our list of the best small gifts for Christmas.

Price: $35

Buy this handmade knife here.

12. Super Deluxe Semi-Hard and Hard Cheese Kit

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(The Cheese Connection)

Soft cheese kits are pretty easy to find. We’ve seen lots of them over the years, like this Standing Stone Farms soft cheese kit that makes mozzarella, burrata, chevre, ricotta, and marscapone. But what’s a little harder to find is a DIY cheese kit for making hard cheeses. That’s why we like this kit from The Cheese Connection, which is perfect for making Monterey Jack, parmesan, Romano, montasio, cheddar, colby, gouda, edam, farmhouse cheddar, provolone, and more. The kit has enough ingredients to make 50 two gallon batches of cheese. The kit includes ripening mats, citric acid, salt, special cheese making cultures and rennet, cheese cloth, cheese wax, and a recipe book. A similar, less expensive kit is Grow & Make’s hard cheese kit.

Price: $135

Buy this hard cheese kit here.

13. Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Covered Jalapeños

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(Golden Edibles)

Chocolate is a pretty typical gift, but spicy chocolate is definitely something unexpected. These chocolate covered jalapeños are a unique gift idea for the guy who has a sweet tooth and a love for the spicy stuff. Each pepper is hand-dipped in either white, dark, or milk chocolate from Belgium. The pepper is then drizzled in contrasting chocolate ribbons to enhance their look. If peppers aren’t really his thing, you could opt for chocolate-covered pears instead. He might also be interested in something from our guide to the best chocolate gifts.

Price: $44.95 for one pound of chocolate peppers

Buy Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Covered Jalapeños here.

14. MicroBot Push

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The MicroBot Push is a gadget for remotely pressing buttons or switches. It works with rocker switches, protruding push buttons, non-protruding push buttons, toggle switches, tactile buttons, and capacitive buttons. The Push can press buttons, and also hold buttons down for a number of seconds. He can use the Push to make a “dumb” appliance “smart”. For example, he could use the Push to remotely activate an appliance remotely. You can also use a Push robot to activate a button that’s in a hard-to-reach place, such as behind a TV or up on a ceiling.

This is a great gift for hackers, tinkerers, or anyone who just likes to play around with gadgets. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Prota OS for Raspberry Pi. The MicroBot Push can be easily attached anywhere with Sugru putty, and is powered for up to one year by batteries alone.

Price: $49

Buy the MicroBot Push here.

15. NutriChef Artisan Electric Pizza Oven With Brick Housing & Crisping Stone

gifts for men, best gifts for men


Looking for a unique gift for a foodie with limited kitchen space? This countertop-safe appliance is perfect for making pizzas in a small kitchen or dorm. Use it for making personal mini pizzas with this classic-styled terracotta dome oven. If you’re shopping for someone who loves speciality kitchen gear, this is an unexpected gift that will appeal to fans of pizza and other baked goods. Not sure if this is right for his cooking style? If he loves Indian food, consider grabbing a cast iron Balti dish instead.

Price: $99.99 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the NutriChef Artisan Electric Pizza Oven here.

16. Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horn

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(Norse Tradesman)

Need an offbeat gift for someone who is obsessed with the Vikings TV show? This drinking horn will make him feel like a warrior king. Each drinking horn is handcrafted, so each one has its own unique characteristics. Each one is made from a real ox horn, and the interior is coated with a food-safe lacquer. And if you have any animal cruelty concerns, fear not. These ox horns are ethically sourced and GSP Wildlife Certified. Best of all, there’s no gift wrap required, since each horn comes packaged in a “medieval” burlap sack. These horns are available in 20 ounce or 30 ounce sizes. Both can be viewed via the link below.

Price: $38.99 for 20 ounce horn (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy this drinking horn here.

17. Men’s Sterling Silver Pitbull Ring

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Looking for a unique gift for the pitbull lover in your life? He’ll appreciate this gorgeous sterling silver ring that features a relaxed pitbull face. This ring is .925 sterling silver and is available in sizes 7-14, including half sizes. The ring weighs about 27 grams, with the pitbull’s face measuring 28mmx23mm.

No pitbull lovers in your life? Browse more unique men’s jewelry here.

Price: $100-$107, depending on size selected

Buy this ring here.

18. ‘We Are Wizards’

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Between the recent release of Fantastic Beasts in theaters and the stage debut of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Potterheads have definitely seen their fandom get re-energized. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a Harry Potter fan who already owns pretty much every piece of official merch, this fun documentary is a nice choice. While it may have flown under the radar for many Potter fans, We Are Wizards is definitely a solid gift idea for adult Harry Potter fans. The documentary explores some of the “fringe” elements of Harry Potter fandom, including “Wizard Rock” bands, the rise of Harry Potter fan sites, and the story of Brad Neely’s infamous “Wizard People, Dear Reader” audiobook. This documentary explores the passion of the Harry Potter fandom, as well as exploring the intersection between fandom and intellectual property law. It’s a fascinating documentary for any Muggle who ever wanted to visit Hogwarts.

Shopping for someone who already owns this documentary? Maybe you can select an alternate gift from our guide to the best Harry Potter gifts.

Price: $19.99

Buy We Are Wizards on DVD here.

19. Tokens & Icons MLB Game-Played Baseball Uniform Leather Wallet

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(Tokens & Icons)

Tokens & Icons is a really cool company that specializes in making men’s accessories out of sporting memorabilia, such as game-used balls, old uniforms, stadium seats, and much more. This genuine leather wallet is lined with a game-used uniform. The team name is embossed on the front of the wallet. Inside, there’s an ID window, five card slots, and two pockets for bills. This would be a fine gift for a baseball fan. The wallet pictured above is made from a game-played Yankees jersey, but you can explore other wallets made from other team uniform via the link below.

Price: $150

Buy this special leather wallet here.

20. BottleLoft

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(Strong Like Bull Magnets)

Looking for a stocking stuffer or small gift for someone? This simple, unusual gift is great for guys looking to maximize fridge space. These powerful magnets affix to the top of the fridge, making it possible to “hang” bottles of beer or soda from the top of the fridge. This frees up shelf space for bulkier items. The strips install in seconds, and feature 3M adhesive paired with high grade neodymium magnets. To make this gift more unique, we recommend pairing it with some unique sodas. We recommend a mixed pack of Dad’s old fashioned sodas, or a sampler of high-end British soft drinks from Fentimans.

Price: $29.99 for a two-strip pack (Holds six bottles)

Buy BottleLoft magnets here.

21. ‘Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers’

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


Shopping for someone who likes vintage computing? This cool book offers a visual guide to the beautifully outdated computers of yesteryear. Featuring computers from the collection at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, this book includes 100 color photographs that show close-up details of famous computers like the ENIAC, Cray 1, Apple I, and Apple II. The photographs are accompanied by detailed text that describes the place each of these machines hold in computing history. This would be a fun gift for a programmer, history buff, or technologist. Mark Frauenfelder’s The Computer: An Illustrated History From its Origins to the Present Day would be another excellent choice in the same vein.

Price: $8.60 for a hardcover copy

Buy Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers here.

22. YubiKey 4

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


It’s 2016. Everyone needs to get serious about digital security. Whether you’re looking to protect your privacy, your business, or your civil liberties, the right security is paramount. By most people are lazy when they create their passwords, leaving them vulnerable to cyber threats. One gift that can help is a Yubikey.

The YubiKey 4 is a small USB device that supports multiple authentication and cryptographic protocols. This device means you no longer need to remember passwords, or go through the hassle of two-factor authentication through SMS texts, authenticator apps, or RSA tokens. YubiKey 4 works on computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems. It is also compatible with most major browsers. It is easy to set up and use, with no client software or drivers needing to be installed. The device is also crush-resistant and water-resistant. It can be attached to a keychain for easy transport. YubiKey works with many password managers, including LastPass. You can store up to 32 OATH credentials (TOTP or HOTP) on the YubiKey 4 and access them using the Yubico Authenticator companion application. If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, the YubiKey NEO offers NFC support.

Price: $40

Buy the YubiKey 4 here.

23. Lugz Men’s Empire Hi CXC Boot

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


Looking for a gift for the man who has a unique, outrageous sense of style? These metallic boots are definitely going to pique his interest. More than just flashy fashion, these comfy boots feature a memory foam insole, padded tongue, and padded collar. In addition, these boots are water-resistant.

Too intense for the guy you’re shopping for? Browse more unique men’s boots here.

Price: $118.95 – $121.47, depending on size and color selected

Buy Lugz Men’s Empire Hi CXC Boot here.

24. Handmade Brown Safari Roorkhee Campaign

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts

(Third Life Designs)

Want to get him a unique piece of furniture? This indoor-outdoor chair is handmade, and ideal for guys with a classic sense of style. The lightweight Roorkhee (or Campaign) chair was commonly used by British military officers in far-flung corners of the globe. Today, it remains a popular chair for adventurers, safari guides, and campers. This is a durable chair made from leather and cherry wood, though the chair can be made from other kinds of wood upon request. This chair can be a permanent part of his living room, or easily broken down and used for camping or tailgating. If this chair doesn’t speak to you, browse more handmade furniture on sale here, or check out our guide to the best two-person tents.

Price: $724

Buy this handmade chair here.

25. Theodent Chocolate Toothpaste

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Need a quirky stocking stuffer for a chocolate lover? Theodent is chocolate-flavored toothpaste, perfect for guys with a serious sweet tooth. Theodent contains a non-toxic alternative to fluoride, called Rennou. Rennou is a blend of theobromine (cacao extract), calcium, and phosphate, designed to maximize enamel re-mineralization. In addition to tasting great, this toothpaste is also great for guys with tooth sensitivity. In a clinical study, Theodent was proven superior to Sensodyne toothpaste across four different measurements for dental hypersensitivity. Another unique toothpaste to consider is Marvis, a European brand that features unusual flavors like Jasmine Mint and Amarelli Licorice.

Price: $12.79

Buy the Theodent here.

26. Machete Spatula

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


Need a unique gift for the guy who already has every grill tool imaginable? This funky grill machete is perfect for the guy who likes to introduce a little flair to his backyard BBQs. This machete is made from flexible stainless steel, and can be used to handle beef, poultry, pork, seafood, or any other big grillables. The edge of the blade features a bottle opener, so he can easily crack a beer while manning the grill. Pair this gift with this “Grill Sergeant” apron and you’ve got a lovely gift for the man who loves grilled meats.

Price: $22.99

Buy the machete spatula here.

27. GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


They don’t make tube amps like this any more. This exceptionally beautiful tube amp is beautiful enough to be a work of art. But it’s more than just a pretty face. This amp boasts well balanced tone, deep bass, and soaring highs. It can help enhance cheap speakers, and it definitely classes up your home audio set up. This is a great gift for the man who appreciates unique design and retro coolness. Looking for gift ideas for the man who likes to make music, instead of just listening to it? You should also check out our guides to the best electric guitars, the best cheap guitar effects pedals, and the best mini guitar amps.

Price: $379.99 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi tube amplifier here.

28. Personalized American Oak Aging Barrel

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts

(American Oak Barrel)

Personalized gifts feel more unique. If you need a gift for a whiskey lover, this personalized aging barrel is a cool gift option. Each barrel is engraved to your specifications, so you can add a first name, family name, year, or location. Each barrel is new and medium-toasted. The barrel can be reused for up to eight years. Simply fill the barrel with white whiskey or other spirit of his choice, and wait until it tastes just right. The spigot is functional, making it easy to sample and pour whiskey for his friends. This barrel comes with a bung, spigot, funnels, and aging stand. Instructions are also included. Barrels can be ordered in one, two, three, five, or 10-liter sizes. You might be tempted to order bigger barrels, since a bigger size would be perceived as more generous. However, a smaller cask is actually better for faster maturation, since there’s an increased surface to volume ratio. If this big barrel is too expensive or too impractical to give as a gift, you could consider this “barrel aged in a bottle” whiskey kit instead.

Price: $69.95 and up, depending on barrel capacity selected (22 percent off MSRP)

Buy this personalized aging barrel here.

29. ‘Dekalog’ on Blu-Ray

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts

(The Criterion Collection)

If you’re looking for a gift for a man who loves unique and unusual films, this foreign masterpiece is definitely an inspired choice. The Dekalog is a series of 10 films, each loosely structured and inspired by the Ten Commandments. This series is critically acclaimed, with famous director Stanley Kubrick being a huge fan of the films. Each short film focuses on the moral or ethical issues faced by characters living in a group of apartments in 1980s Poland. This film series is a hidden gem that isn’t well known in the US, making it perfect if you’re trying to get a movie for a film buff who seemingly owns every movie imaginable on Blu-ray.

Want to learn about other rare and unique films that might appeal to him? Browse more titles from The Criterion Collection here.

Price: $68.44 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy Dekalog on Blu-ray here.

30. Ski Lift Pint Glasses

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts

(Black Lantern)

These hand printed pint glasses were designed in Denver, Colorado. Each glass holds 16 ounces. The ski lift motif makes these glasses a cool gift for skiers, snowboarders, or anyone who loves winter. The glasses are dishwasher safe, and decorated with food-safe ink. However, the design may last longer and stay more vivid if the glasses are hand-washed. If you’re looking for more unusual glassware, you can browse other cool designs from Black Lantern here. We also like their Kraken vs. Submarine glasses.

Price: $24 for a set of two

Buy these pint glasses here.

31. A Little Bit of Spain Gift Assortment

unique gifts for men, gifts for men, christmas gifts for me, unique christmas gifts


This assortment of gourmet foodstuffs from Spain is a great gift idea for those who are passionate about Spanish food. This set of gourmet items includes Jamon Serrano (cured Spanish ham), manchego cheese, wine cheese, mahon cheese, Spanish olives, macron almonds, chorizo, and Tortas de Aciete (an olive oil and anise cracker). All told, there’s over three pounds of Spanish treats in the box.

Price: $69.90

Buy this gift assortment here.

32. Runamok Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

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Runamok specializes in gourmet maple syrups with funky flavors. We think most guys will gravitate towards this syrup aged in bourbon barrels, but the company also produces other interesting flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, lime, and elderberry. They also do syrup aged in rum or rye barrels. The bourbon-aged maple syrup is great for cocktails, baking, or drizzling over his favorite breakfast foods. Can’t pick just one flavor? Runamok offers gift sets of three or four flavors, which would also be a nice option for the holidays.

Price: $19.95 for 250 ml

Buy this artisan maple syrup here.

33. Matter & Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner

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(Matter and Form)

3D printers are becoming an increasingly popular gift, but fewer people are gifting 3D scanners. A 3D scanner will let him make a computer model of any item, and then print that item with a 3D printer. This is a great way for guys to make handcrafts, jewelry, or simply print a replacement part for a broken appliance. Matter and Form’s scanner gets our seal of approval because it works with both Mac and Windows. It also will arrive fully assembled. This scanner works with nearly all 3D printers and online printing services currently available.

Want to go all out and get him a 3D printer, too? If you’re looking to go high-end, we recommend the MakerGear M2, which is made in the USA and works with multiple filament types. If you need to stick to a budget, the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer strikes a good balance between price and functionality. The former will set you back about $1800, but the Monoprice printer is only a little over $200.

Price: $499

Buy the Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner here.

34. ‘Star Wars’ Storm Trooper Spoon Rest

gifts for him, unique gifts for him, unique christmas gifts, christmas gift ideas


Need an unusual and unexpected gift for a Star Wars fan? And need it on the cheap? This cute handmade spoon rest is perfect for Star Wars fans who also love to cook. Shopping for a Star Wars fan can be hard, because they may already have so many shirts, collectibles, films, and other merch in their possession, so finding something they don’t have is tricky. This kitchen item probably flew under their radar, making it unlikely they’ve seen this spoon rest before. This spoon rest is safe to place in both your dishwasher and microwave. It is made from 100 percent lead-free, non-toxic materials, so you don’t need to worry about it being food safe. Pair your gift with a Star Wars cookbook and you are good to go.

Price: $15

Buy this spoon rest here.

35. Poppin Kicks Unisex Adults Supreme LED Light Up Shoes

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(Poppin Kicks)

Need a unique gift for the guy who loves clubbing, music festivals, or just making a big entrance? These light-up sneakers are perfect for the man who loves to be the center of attention. The LEDs light up in a variety of different colors, so he can pick a shade that suits his mood and the venue. These shoes are available in black, blue, red, and white. An anti-odor moisture-wicking textile lining with anti-microbial treatment helps to keep these kicks smelling as fresh as they look. Each shoe should light up for about eight hours on a full charge. We recommend that you order a half size up if you are in between sizes, since these shoes run a bit small.

Want to light up the night even more? Pair these shoes with Luminoodle portable lights for parties/camping. They are waterproof, and easy to set up.

Price: $49.99 – $56.99, depending on size and color selected

Buy the Poppin Kicks Unisex Adults Supreme LED Light Up Shoes here.

36. Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set

gifts for him, unique gifts for him, unique christmas gifts, christmas gift ideas

(Pacific Shaving Company)

Razors and shaving sets are a pretty played out gift for the holidays. But this fun twist on men’s grooming products is unique, and definitely gift-worthy this holiday season. Both the shaving cream and aftershave are caffeinated, making this is a fun gift for any guy who has trouble waking up in the morning. Aloe is also included in the formula, to moisturize and reduce the appearance of redness. Whether he uses this set every day, or just on mornings when he needs to recover from a hangover, this shaving gift set will definitely make him think fondly of you every time he shaves.

Shopping for a man who wears a full beard? Perhaps he’d be more interested in other unexpectedly caffeinated products, such as caffeinated peanut butter or caffeinated soap.

Price: $15.99

Buy this men’s grooming set here.

37. SkaterTrainer 2.0

gifts for him, unique gifts for him, unique christmas gifts, christmas gift ideas


This is a fun gift for young men, or for older guys who want to revisit a hobby from their youth. It’s also a fun gift to give to a dad and his son or daughter, so they can practice safely together. The SkaterTrainer 2.0 is basically an accessory that stops wheels from rolling. This helps a novice skater to perfect their balance, as well as more safely practice moves like the Ollie and Kick Flip. SkaterTrainers work on nearly any skateboard wheels that are between 49 and 65mm in diameter. Once you’ve built the muscle memory for executing and landing the trick correctly, you can remove the SkaterTrainers and start doing the tricks for real.

No skaters in your life? Check out our guide to the safe Razor Hovertrax 2.0 self-balancing “hoverboard”, which would also make a fun holiday gift.

Price: $24 for a set of four

Buy the SkaterTrainer 2.0 here.

38. Litho Hammocks EZ Hang Pizza Hammock

gifts for him, unique gifts for him, unique christmas gifts, christmas gift ideas

(Litho Hammocks)

We can pretty much guarantee that you will be the only person to give a pizza hammock to someone this Christmas. This funky, oddball gift is perfect for dudes who love pizza, camping, or just chilling in the backyard. This is great for outdoor living, but some guys might also consider hanging it in their bedroom, den, or man cave. The hammock sets up in less than 30 seconds, and the attached stuff-sack contains the entire hammock, making it easy to pack away when you are done using it. This hammock may look like a gag gift, but it’s actually been pretty solidly constructed. Also, it’s a double hammock, so two people can share it at once. If you want a unique gift that will make someone giggle, it’s hard to go wrong with a pizza hammock. Or a pizza pillow.

Price: $95

Buy the Litho Hammocks EZ Hang Pizza Hammock here.

39. Tokens & Icons Dutch East India Company VOC Coin Cufflinks

gifts for him, unique gifts for him, unique christmas gifts, christmas gift ideas

(Tokens & Icons)

While Tokens & Icons is best known for their sports memorabilia, the company also makes cool gifts from historic coins. These cufflinks feature coins used by the VOC (aka the Dutch East India company), the famous Dutch trading company that shaped the Age of Discovery. The cufflinks feature coins used in the period from 1726-1804. The coins are about 7/8″ in diameter, and are set in a sterling silver, three-prong setting. Each pair of cuff links comes gift-boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

These cufflinks are a really unique piece of history that would be perfect for anyone who is interested in Dutch history, or for anyone of Dutch ancestry. And since the VOC is considered to the be world’s first multinational corporation (and the first company to ever issue stock), we also think this would be a cool gift for men who work in business, finance, venture capital firms, or other related fields.

Not a fan of these cufflinks? Browse more cool cufflinks made from coins and tokens here.

Price: $195

Buy Tokens & Icons Dutch East India Company VOC Coin Cufflinks here.

40. ‘Star Wars’ Finn Jacket

gifts for men, christmas gifts for men


We can debate whether this is technically Finn’s jacket or Poe’s jacket, but either way, this is a cool gift for guys. What makes this jacket unique is the attention to detail. We’ve seen quite a few different Finn jackets and costume pieces, but this one stands out because of the texture of the material, the belted cuffs, and the overall quality. This is a great gift for fans of the new Star Wars, or any guy who likes to do cosplay on the weekends. This jacket doesn’t look overly costume-y, which helps it to blend in practically anywhere. That means he can wear it every day, even at work. Another option to consider is this leather jacket, inspired by Han Solo in The Force Awakens.

Price: $169-$179, depending on size and options selected

Buy Finn’s jacket here.

41. Sugar Plum Chocolates Devil Inside Dark Chocolate Sriracha Candy Bar

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(Sugar Plum Chocolates)

Spicy and sweet, these sriracha chocolate bars are a unique gift for the guy who has already tried all the “normal” candy bars out there. The bars can be eaten out of hand, or used to make adult-friendly hot cocoa or baked goods. Each bar weighs two ounces, and contains luxurious Belgian dark chocolate. Looking for other unique chocolate flavors? We also like Lindt’s lychee chocolate bars and this assortment of unique Japanese KitKat flavors.

Price: $20 for a four-pack

Buy this sriracha chocolate bar here.

42. Asobu Pint Glass With Beer Opener Base

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him


Shopping for a beer afficianado who needs some new barware? These unusual pint glasses feature a bottle opener built right into the base of each glass. The glasses can be stacked for easy storage when not in use. The base of each glass is made from stainless steel. These glasses are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Pair this gift with a six-pack of his favorite microbrew, or a copy of Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People, or a beer briefcase.

Price: $12.99 and up, depending on color selected (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Asobu Pint Glass here.

43. HR Poppin’ Snacks Crisp Cabernet Wine Popcorn

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(HR Poppin’ Snacks)

Need a small gift for someone who loves wine? This funky cabernet popcorn is a creative gift idea for those with adventurous palates. Each eight ounce bag contains approximately seven servings, and has a shelf life of six months. If this flavor doesn’t strike you as something he’d like, you could also consider the company’s raspberry habanero, licorice, or banana coconut cream pie popcorn flavors.

Price: $6.50 for an eight ounce bag

Buy HR Poppin’ Snacks Crisp Cabernet Wine Popcorn here.

44. DaVinci Energy Drink

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(DaVinci Beverages)

Lots of guys love energy drinks, but are looking for a formula that’s healthier than the mainstream brands. DaVinci is a new energy drink formula developed by a physician. Each can contains 90mg of caffeine, along with a unique combination of vitamins D3, B6, and B12. There’s also citicholine, magnesium, and L tyrosine to reduce stress and boost focus. This is a great option for men who need extra energy and focus, without the crash that some other drinks can cause. This would be a welcome gift for students, teachers, or anyone who works split shifts. DaVinci also offers two other formulas: one that’s got reduced calories and sugar, and one that has extra caffeine. You can also get 10 percent off a case when you enter the code “UGCGAMER” at checkout.

Price: $39.99 for a case of 24 cans

Buy DaVinci energy drink here.

45. Werther & Gray ‘Boston Tea Party’ Scented Candle

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(Werther & Gray Candles)

Scented candles don’t have to be boring. Werther & Gray specializes in unusual and extraordinary scented candles that defy expectations. This is a cool gift for Bostonians, American history buffs, or tea drinkers. The Boston Tea Party candle has notes of black tea, seaweed, and driftwood. Want to see even more options? Browse more cool and creative candles from Werther & Gray here. Some of our other favorite candles from this company include Nikola Tesla, Gothic Cathedral, and Antique Books.

Price: $18

Buy a Boston Tea Party candle here.

46. Creature Cups Bowl

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(Creature Cups)

These odd bowls are a unique gift idea for anyone who loves animals. This bowl features a sculpted frog on the interior. You could use this bowl for cereal, soup, or even as a candy dish. A spider bowl and a lobster bowl are also available. There are also creature cup mugs, which you can browse here.

Price: $9.99 (60 percent off MSRP)

Buy frog Creature Cups bowl here.

47. Monty Python Sound Wallet

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(The Unemployed Philosophers Guild)

Looking for something unique for the Monty Python fan in your life? This fun wallet plays music and audio clips from this comedy classic. The wallet plays “The Money Song” and “The Liberty Bell March” (aka the Monty Python theme song), along with select quotes. Sounds are triggered whenever the wallet opens. However, the music and clips can be silenced if you’re in a situation where you don’t want the wallet to make noise.

Want to get more gift inspiration? Browse more quirky gifts from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild here.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Monty Python Sound Wallet here.

48. ‘Catzilla’ Print

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(Lora Zombie)

Shopping for someone who collects odd art, quirky art, or pop art? This funny, Godzilla-inspired print is perfect for guys who love B-movies and cats. This fine art print is mounted on a two inch deep hand stained black frame and arrives ready to hang on his wall, complete with an easy to use hanging kit. Not sure if this print is right for the man you’re shopping for? Browse more art from Lora Zombie here. You can also get more gift ideas like this from our guide to the most unusual gifts.

Price: $35

Buy a print of Catzilla by Lora Zombie here.

49. Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him


Japanese toilets have developed something of a cult status. They’re often packed with extra features you just don’t see in the average American toilet. They’ve even become pop culture icons, featuring prominently in episodes of Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons. A new toilet would definitely be a unique gift, particularly if you opt for a Japanese toilet that’s packed with cool features.

The Washlet G500 is a bidet and toilet in one. The bowl features a SanaGloss glaze, which keeps the bowl sanitary for longer. The big selling point is the bidet with warm water washing, including adjustable temperature and pressure controls. Other cool features include a seat warmer, warm air dryer, automatic air deodorizer, and an automatic lid. There’s even a remote control for easy operation.

This is a unique gift for any man who recently bought a new home, and is getting ready to do bathroom renovations. It’s also a fun gift for any guy who loves Japanese technology and culture.

Price: $1,889.86

Buy this high end Japanese toilet here.

50. ‘Bark-On’ Coffee Mug

unique gifts for men, unique christmas gifts, unique gifts for him

(Kentucky Roots Wood)

This unusual, handmade coffee mug is made from turned ash. The bark is left on to make the piece more interesting to look at. This item is hand wash only. The mug has been coated with an odorless, tasteless, non-toxic epoxy. This makes it food-safe, and keeps it easy to clean. The mug holds about six ounces of coffee or tea, and measures five 1/2 inches tall. Initials or a name can also be hand-carved into the mug for a small additional fee.

Price: $32

Buy a “Bark-On” coffee mug here.

51. Epic Beef, Habanero, Cherry & Walnut Meat Bars

epic bars

If he hasn’t tried Epic’s incredible gourmet meat bars, you’ll be doing him a huge favor by introducing him to his favorite new go-to snack. These Epic Beef Habanero, Cherry, and Walnut Meat Bars are absolutely incredible. It’s a combination of 100% organic grass fed beef, cherries, and a touch of habanero that tingles the tongue without over-doing it. Great source of omega-3s, cla, vitamin B12, and more, and it’s perfect for the office. Best of all? It’s incredibly delicious, and it’s a unique flavor combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Price: $39/12 count

Buy the Epic Beef, Habanero, Cherry & Walnut Bars here.

52. The League of Regrettable Superheroes

unique gifts for men 2017

The League of Regrettable Superheroes is one of my personal favorite coffee books of all-time. This book is a gem filled with unbelievably ridiculous superheroes of the past 50 years. Not everyone can be Superman or Batman, and these superheroes are anything but badass. The book contains one hundred of the strangest superheroes ever to hit a comic book, ranging from Bee Man (think Batman but with bees), the Clown (a circus-themed crimefighter), and many other weird superheroes with weird superpowers.

Price: $19.96

Buy the League of Regrettable Superheroes here.

53. Opseat Master Series 2018 Gaming Chair

opseat gaming chair

Gaming chairs are always a great go-to option when it comes to gift-giving for guys, especially when you’re looking for a 20-35 year old. OPSEAT has a brand new Master Series gaming chair that is the ultimate in comfort and design. It supports up to 300 pounds, and it’s made with premium quality perforated leather.

This chair is highly regarded in its reviews, and I personally own one, myself. It’s available in seven different colors, so you can get him the perfect gaming chair.

Price: $219.00

Buy the Opseat Master Series Gaming Chair here.

54. Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers

unique gifts for men

Sure, you could get them a TrackR or Chipolo, but for a bit of nerdy goodness, check out the Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers. There are plenty of different franchises available, including Wonder Woman, Superman, Deadpool, Star Wars, and more. The attached easily to your keys so that you can always find them when you need them using an app on your phone. You can also use one to find your phone if it’s lost.

So, regardless of what nerdy franchise they’re in, there’s a Foundmi tracker for them.

Price: Starting at $19.99

Buy the Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers here.

55. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

fitbit ionic smartwatch

A brand new Fitbit watch will get him active, and it’s one of the better-looking smartwatches on the market. And, it’s super easy to setup and use. It also comes with both large and small size bands so that he will be able to have the perfect size for him, making it feel comfortable when wearing, even to sleep.

It also has a super impressive 4+ days of battery life, meaning he’ll have to worry less about charging it. It has popular app capabilities, including social media updates and messaging.

Price: $299

Buy the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch here.

56. Luminoodle Bias Lighting

bias lighting

If he doesn’t already have bias lighting for his TV, get him a Luminoodle Bias Lighting strip. These awesome light strips make viewing TV so much better! It enhances the viewing experience by making blacks on the screen blacker, and it reduces eyestrain as well. Plus, you know, it simply looks cool, and he’s able to choose different color lighting effects for behind his TV.

Price: $19.99

Buy Luminoodle Bias Lighting here.

57. Super Nintendo Coasters

super nintendo coasters

I guarantee you that none of his friends will have Super Nintendo Coasters in their homes, and if he’s an 70s baby and loves video games, chances are he spent a good amount of time with the SNES when he was a kid. These coasters celebrate some of the system’s best games, including The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario World. It’s the perfect unique gift for men who love video games.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Super Nintendo Coasters here.

58. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

aftershokza trekz

One of the best things I’ve ever purchased for myself is a pair of AfterShokz Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones. These headphones make it so that you can jam out to your favorite music while still being able to hear your surroundings. This is helpful if you’re working out outdoors, working outside, or you’re a parent who wants to be able to listen to music around the house without having to worry about not being able to hear your kids. It’s the perfect gift for him.

Price: $99.99 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones here.

59. Pro Boat RTR Hydroplane

proboat hydroplane

RC Boats are definitely for a particular kind of man, and the brand new Pro Boat RTR Hydroplane is one of the coolest RC boats you’ll find on the market right now. This thing CRUISES across any body of water at impressive speeds. It measures 30-inches long, so it’s quite sizable, and it’s easy to spot on the water from a distance because of its bright colors. If you want to buy him something unique that he’ll love, this hydroplane is a great option.

Price: $469.00

Buy the Pro Boat RTR Hydroplane here.

60. Rainbow Batman Action Figure 6 Pack

unique gifts for men

For those in the know, Rainbow Batman has seen its fair share of controversy, but it has a cult following. These Rainbow Batman Action Figures come in a 6 pack, and you can guarantee that it’s something he doesn’t already have in his collection.

Price: $47.04 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rainbow Batman Action Figure 6 Pack here.

61. The Extremely Unofficial and Highly Unauthorized Star Wars Kama Sutra Book

christmas gifts for men that are unique

This likely isn’t a book he’ll want to keep on his coffee table, but it’s one of the better gag books we’ve seen. If he’s a Star Wars fan, check out this hilarious Extremely Unofficial and Highly Unauthorized Star Wars Karma Sutra Book here. It’s loaded with pages of pictures of awkward sex positions using Star Wars things.

Price: $17.55

Buy the book here.

62. Arrma Outcast Brushless RC Stunt Truck

unique stuff for men

Arrma is well-known in the hobbyist community for its quality RC cars and trucks, and although they can get a bit pricey, their products are top-notch. If he’s shown any interest in RC cars or trucks, get him the Arrma Outcast Brushless RC Stunt Truck. This baby can hit over 65 mph with ease, and it looks great — like an orange monster truck. Its components are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about ruining it when you run over puddles. He will have a LOT of fun with this, especially if he lives in an area that typically gets tons of snow.

Price: $499.99

Buy the Arrma Outcast Brushless RC Stunt Truck here.

63. The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

bob's burgers cookbook

Bob’s Burgers is one of the most universally adored animated series running. If he loves Bob’s Burgers, check out this pun-filled burger cookbook that contains Bob’s award-winning creations. It has real recipes for joke burgers like the New Bacon-ings Burger, If Looks Could Kale Burger, and the Sweet Home Avocado Burger.

Price: $15.96

Buy the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book here.

64. MiniPresso GR Espress Maker


Nothing beats a good espresso — except a good espresso you can make on the go. If he loves the strong brew, check out the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker. It’s a compact and lightweight handheld espresso maker that works when there’s no electricity. Meaning, he can bring it with him on camping trips, hunting, to the office, and more. It’s super convenient, and it makes great espresso.

Price: $49.94

Buy the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker here.

65. Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan

haiku home

Smart fans are the new black. The Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan is a unique gift for the smart home enthusiast. While expensive, they’re high quality and well-made, and it can be controlled with his voice using Amazon’s Alexa. It’s one of the coolest gifts he would never ask for but would absolutely want.

Check out more of the best smart home gadgets here.

Price: $600

Buy the Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan here.

66. Grenade Ice Cube Mold

ice grenade

This cool little gift makes a great stocking stuffer for men, especially if they’re a fan of video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield 1. Even if they’re not, it’s a fun thing for them to have. It’s a silicone mold that makes a pretty sizable ice grenade, which measures 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Grenade Ice Cube Mold here.

67. Yantouch IceDiamond+ Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

unique gifts for men

Yantouch’s IceDiamond+ Plus speaker is certainly the most unique-looking Bluetooth speaker you’ll find on the market. The bottom is black, and the top is an LED light that can be set to different colors. It can also change to the tempo (which is its coolest feature) or loop through all of the colors slowly. It comes with a remote control.

Price: $78.00

Buy the Yantouch IceDiamond Speaker here.

68. Novation Launchpad Pro Professional 64-pad Grid Performance Instrument

Electronic music is the new hotness, and if has any sort of musical inkling, he’ll LOVE the Novation Launchpad Pro. This thing is a 64-pad grid performance instrument that has so many functions musicians will love. Most importantly, it’s a LOT of fun to use. Just take a look at one example of what you can achieve with it in the video above.

Price: $249.99

Buy the Novation Launchpad Pro Professional here.

69. Gibson 1963 ES-335 Historic Reissue Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar

unique gifts men

You know Dave Grohl’s ridiculously awesome slate blue guitar? Well, that baby will run you six grand if you can find it. Here’s a similar guitar with a similar design, just with a different colorway. It’s the Gibson 1963 ES-335 Historic Reissue Electric Guitar, and he’d be crazy not to love it.

Price: $3,082.67

Buy the Gibson Electric Guitar here.

70. Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper

samsung powerbot

Samsung using Star Wars to market their awesome robot vacuums was a brilliant move, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life. The Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper is not only the coolest-looking robot vacuum in the galaxy, it’s also incredibly useful and well-made. It has super powerful suction, uses high-tech visionary mapping to create its own optimal cleaning path to avoid obstacles in your home, and it does an impressive job cleaning corners and edges.

Price: $598 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Powerbot Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper here.

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