Me at the Beginning of 2016 vs. Me at the End: 10 Best Memes

ending 2016

Ending 2016. (Twitter)

The end of the year is here, and some people are busy mourning just how different it was than they expected. Some people began the year full of hope and excitement about what was to come, ready to face absolutely anything. But then reality (and some really unexpected twists and turns) caught up with them, leaving them a shell of where they started. Some have even joked that this year felt a little too much like it was being written by George R. R. Martin.

Here are the 10 best tweets and memes about what it was like to start 2016 and what it was like to end it. How did you feel at the beginning of 2016 vs. at the end?

Will Smith provides a pretty powerful look at the beginning vs. the end of 2016, as this Twitter user shared:

But Minnie Mouse also paints an almost perfect picture:

You can also get a strong sense of hope vs. desperation in this tweet, shared by Julia Moore:

Meanwhile, this Twitter user discovered that the movie The Seventh Seal provides fodder for all kinds of 2016 memes on this theme:

This tweet provides a pretty good description of how some people are feeling:

Can you relate to this one? The difference from the beginning to the end is intense:

For a lighter look, some people’s biggest change was more related to health or weight. If you ate a little too much over the holidays, or if you relied a lot on comfort food, you might relate to this one:

We’re not completely sure what this one means, but it’s funny. Either things look less hopeful, or some people are becoming more realistic and changing from a cartoon character to a real boy:

This one is pretty accurate for a lot of people. What will 2017 bring this time next year?

And some people really feel pretty much the same. They felt confident at the beginning of the year and they still do:

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