Single on Valentine’s Day 2017: All the Memes You Need to See

The first reference to an annual February 14 festivity celebrating love was written 18 years later in year 1400. According to the book Debate of the Romance of the Rose by David F. Hult, the Charter of the Court of Love, allegedly issued by Charles VI of France at Mantes-la-Jolie, is charter that describes a celebration where everyone would gather to feast and celebrate all things love. The modern Valentine's Day as we know it somewhat began in the 19th century. With the rise of the industrial age and mechanical printing, Valentine's Day cards became more accessible than ever and quickly became all the rage in England. This caught in the Americas by the 1840s and has been commercialized more so ever since. Now in 2016 it is the bane of singles and the annual celebration of love for couples everywhere.