WATCH: Nude Claymation ‘Hi Stranger’ Video Is Really Weird

“Hi Stranger,” a new claymation YouTube video by Kirsten Lepore and voiced by Garrett Davis, is the 2017 equivalent of Salad Fingers. It features a naked claymation man giving a pep talk to the viewer.

The top Reddit comment about the video reads, “I am extremely uncomfortable and extremely comfortable at the same time” and it sums up the entire video perfectly.

Kirsten Lepore is an American animator known for her stop-motion short films. Her previous words include “Sweet Dreams”, “Bottle”, and “Move Mountain.” They can be viewed here. She has also worked on an episode of the hit Cartoon Network Adventure Time.

Like Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, Lepore also attended the California Institute of the Arts. The humor in “Hi Stranger” is very similar to Adventure Time.

Davis, the voice of the character in “Hi Stranger,” is also an animator. His website can be viewed here.