‘The Babadook’ Is an LGBT Symbol: Best & Funniest Memes

The unofficial LGBT mascot for Pride 2017: “The Babadook.” (Twitter)

Pride Month has an unlikely mascot this year.

Virtually out of nowhere, users on social media and members of the LGBT community have labeled “The Babadook” as its gay mascot this year.

That’s correct.

The fictional psychological horror character from a 2014 Australian-Canadian film has made a resurgence and has been labeled the unofficial symbol of Pride Month (June).

The film, titled The Babadook, is about a single mother who remains haunted of the tragic, violent death of her husband. He died in a horrific car accident while she was pregnant, and his death lingered throughout the whole film.

Her son, now 6-years old, is disobedient in school and is always anxious. One night, he asks her to read a pop-up book that suddenly appeared in the house. The book is called “Mister Babadook,” and that summons the haunting monster.

The movie had a slow rise to popularity once it was released, but soon received critical acclaim and turned out to be a success. It brought in $7.5 million, way more than its $2 million budget.

Now, you may be wondering why The Babadook has randomly been selected to represent the LGBT community this year. And that’s a good question.

The monster, who wears a hat, has a blank stare and his mouth wide open, is seen by many as a symbol of horror and grief from the fathers’ death. But many social media users see through that description of him. Instead, there’s a theory on Twitter and Tumblr that sees The Babadook as a gay man.

It seemed to begin with a Tumblr thread back in October 2016 when someone posted a photo of him, saying that the Babadook is a “symbol of our journey.”

But that may stretch back even further. As Mashable wrote, its rise in the LGBT community may be because of Netflix’s selection of where to place the film. It put it under the “LGBT Movies” category.

Suddenly, the thought that The Babadook is a symbol of the LGBT community started to spread across the internet, and its newest mascot was born.

And with the trending character, the internet pushed the it to a new level by carefully crafting numerous memes to spread its newest mascot.

Here are some of the best memes of The Babadook:



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