WATCH: Man Puts Fidget Spinner on Museum Floor, Onlookers Think It’s an Exhibit

A man who was in attendance at an art museum pulled the ultimate prank when he put a fidget spinner on the floor, causing onlookers to gather around the new “exhibit.”

It’s currently unknown where the prank took place and or who the prankster was. We’ll update when that information becomes available.

Fidget spinners are popular toys that have a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat shape. They can be made out of metal or plastic and are designed to spin along its axis with minimal effort. According to the New York Post, the idea first came to Catherine Hettinger in the 90s where she pitched it to Hasbro, who rejected them as a “low tech” toy.

Multiple iterations then arose, and Hettinger later said she was not the inventor of the current iteration of the toy, writes Bloomberg.

They are now one of the best selling toys on Amazon, although brands other than Hettinger’s have been developed.

One rumor surrounding the toy is that it helps those with autism or ADHD focus, but this not backed by science, reports Time magazine.