How to Make Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day 2019

St. Patricks Day


If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve likely tried corned beef and cabbage, or have seen it served at an Irish restaurant or party. Although the meal takes several hours to cook, it is actually pretty easy to make.

According to, corned beef and cabbage was not a dish native to Ireland, but a dish created by Irish immigrants in America who had been used to eating pork and potatoes. Pork was the meat of choice in Ireland, but in America, working-class Irish discovered corned beef at Jewish delis and started utilizing the more affordable meat option. Cabbage, too, was cheaper than potatoes in America, and “Cooked in the same pot, the spiced, salty beef flavored the plain cabbage, creating a simple, hearty dish that couldn’t be easier to prepare.”

The recipe for corned beef and cabbage only calls for four major ingredients: corned beef brisket (with spice packet), small red potatoes, carrots, and a head of cabbage. Once you combine your ingredients in a pot of water and add heat, all that’s left to do is let the boiling water cook it all together.

What you choose to cook your corned beef and cabbage in will play a role in the cook time and end result, and there are different recipes available based on the cooking vessel.’s traditional recipe says it takes 2 hours and 25 minutes to cook in a large pot or Dutch oven (50 minutes per pound of meat). Since the meat takes longer to cook than the vegetables, you will need to add the cabbage in with about 15 minutes left in your cook time.

If you have an Instant Pot, says you can cook your corned beef and cabbage in 90 minutes on the meat/stew setting or high pressure. If you have the time, you could also slow cook your corned beef and cabbage; Genius Kitchen’s crockpot corned beef and cabbage recipe takes a little over 8 hours to cook, and their recipe adds a few extra spices to the ingredient list to deepen the dish’s flavors.