Why Is ‘Tom Holland Better Pray Up’ Trending on Twitter?

Getty Tom Holland and Zendaya

There was a lot of confusion online Sunday afternoon after the #TomHollandBetterPrayUp started trending on Twitter. Most people had no idea what the hashtag was in reference to, but for whatever reason, loved it anyways, because Marvel movie fans love anything that has to do with Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland. Others on Twitter assumed that the hashtag was in reference to him and and co-star Zendaya, and in that respect, those users were correct.

The hashtag first caught fire after rapper Golden G released his new track entitled “Zendaya.” In the song, there’s a lyric referencing how he’s gonna steal Zendaya from the actor who plays Spider-Man and says, “Tom Holland better pray up, cuz I may make the goal Zendaya.” And for those who’ve never heard of Golden G, real name Gerome Nash, he’s a hip hop artist from Toronto.

Before he starts rapping, Golden G opens the song “Zendaya” with a dedication message about the actress: “This goes to a special shawty, in the pictures you know. I had to do it to them.” In the music video, hundreds of quick clips scroll through the screen featuring Zendaya’s recent interviews, social media posts, and press tour photos.
GOLDEN G – Zendaya #tomhollandbetterprayup"Zendaya" performed by GOLDEN G Stream/Download the song on all platforms: https://song.link/i/1471755142 Follow GOLDEN G: http://www.twitter.com/g0ldeng Instagram: @g0ldeng2019-07-12T22:17:07.000Z

Fans Quickly Protected the Rumored Relationship of Tom & Zendaya

Out came the die-hard shippers of Tom Holland, 23 and Zendaya, 22, both of whom have been dodging dating rumors ever since Spider-Man:Homecoming first came out in 2017, and the responses to #TomHollandBetterPrayUp on Twitter were hilarious. A lot of the tweets, as mentioned, were of complete confusion as to what this hashtag even meant.

Others joked about how Golden G could even think he could “steal” Zendaya away from Holland.

Golden G Is a Big Fan of the Twitter Controversy

For anyone worried about Golden G after the Twitterverse’s blind support for Tom Holland, rest assured that he is loving the publicity. And is re-tweeting all his favorite #TomHollandBetterPrayUp messages on his own page. There’s even a new Twitter handle created with the name, Tom Holland Better Pray Up. So while the jokes may seem tough on Golden G, it’s actually a win situation for the rapper.

Tom & Zendaya Have No Comment

So far, neither Zendaya or Holland have responded to the trending hashtag, and both have been online. Holland went to Twitter to retweet Mark Ruffalo’s photos asking for fans to caption the behind-the-scene pictures, but no comment on being called out by Golden G.

As for Zendaya, the actress tweeted out a promo for the new episode of her HBO series Euphoria airing on Sunday night, which was recently preemptively renewed for second season, but nothing about the the rapper’s dedication song. The former Disney Channel star likes to keep her private life out of the spotlight, so it’s unlikely she’ll response to the hashtag, and if she makes does, it’s a safe bet that she’ll neither confirm or deny any of the rumors that she’s romantically involved with Holland.

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