Top-10 Quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft: Is Jordan Love 1st-Round Worthy?

2020 NFL Draft 1st Round Draft Grades

Getty Packers make surprise pick, landing Jordan Love

The 2020 NFL Draft is filled with prominent names at the most important position in football. Top quarterbacks in this class include the likes of Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow, National Champion Tua Tagovailoa, and the uber-talented Justin Herbert.

Below we break down the top-10 signal-callers in the 2020 Draft class.

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Top-10 QB Draft Prospects

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1) Tua Tagovailoa | QB | Alabama

NFL teams may be talking themselves out of drafting Tagovailoa due to injury concerns. I would say that’s a mistake. Numerous doctors and surgeons have gone on record stating they expect him to return to 100%. From there, we look at the football player. Tua’s film is highly impressive. He fits the mold of what the NFL looks for in a modern-day quarterback. Tagovailoa is a bonafide winner who demonstrated stellar efficiency as a passer and above-average mobility. In three seasons with the Tide, Tua tossed 87 TDs to just 11 interceptions.

2) Joe Burrow | QB | LSU

If we based things solely on his senior year of film, Burrow would be my number one quarterback. Even so, his Heisman Trophy-winning tape is so impressive it is certainly tempting. However, it’s hard for me to get over the fact that just one year ago he was pegged as nothing more than a late-round developmental guy with the ceiling of a high-end backup. His arm strength isn’t elite but his superb accuracy and moxie should make up for it at the next level.

3) Justin Herbert QB | Oregon

Herbert’s been a bit over-scrutinized in my books this draft season. His traits are other-worldly and his ceiling is arguably higher than both Burrow and Tagovailoa. He possesses prototypical size, upper-echelon arm talent, and above-average running ability. It may sound absurd, but I was tempted to move Herbert up to my QB2. I was a big Josh Allen guy a few years back, who possesses nearly identical traits, so that’s likely why. Herbert’s final month of film at Oregon was slightly concerning from a passing perspective, but his broad range of skillsets should help him win games in the pros.

4) Jalen HurtsQB | Oklahoma

The minimal hype around Hurts is puzzling. He’ll likely never be an elite passer of the football, plus he’s had completions manufactured by his offensive scheme at both Bama at Oklahoma. However, the same thing was said about Dak Prescott coming out of college, and he just wrapped up a season in which he headed the number one offense in football.  Hurts improved as a passer in 2019. His running prowess and leadership will help him see the field early in his NFL career.

5) Jordan Love | QB | Utah State

We’ve all heard the Patrick Mahomes comparisons. However, Love had some pretty horrid tape from 2019. He’s the biggest boom-or-bust prospect of the class from the QB position. He regularly stares down receivers, which in effect led to 17 interceptions this past season. He’s not a first-round prospect in our books, but we get why a team would take him there.

6) Jake FrommQB | Georgia

Remember when draft analysts were clamoring for Fromm to become draft-eligible following his freshman year, pegging him the shoo-in QB1? How times have changed. Fromm is limited physically, and his combine performance did little to change that narrative. However, Fromm is a game-manager who defeats defenses from the neck up. In the right situation, Fromm could be what Case Keenum was for the Vikings during their playoff run a few years back.

7) Jacob EasonQB | Washington

If this were 10 years ago, Eason would be a surefire top-three selection. The 6-foot-6-inch, 230-pound Georgia transfer certainly looks the part of a top prospect. He’s also got the arm talent that you would expect from a player of his stature. Yet, his accuracy and struggles digesting more complex coverages may limit his NFL ceiling.

8) Anthony GordonQB | Washington State

Gordon’s insane 2019 production needs to be taken with a grain of salt due to operating out of Mike Leach’s QB-friendly offense. Still, he has a sound release, is highly efficient, and throws with touch readily. Yet, his lack of high-end traits will limit his NFL ceiling.

9) Cole McDonaldQB | Hawaii

McDonald was a first-round sleeper in some analysts’ eyes entering the past college season. In reality, that was likely a bit far fetched in the first place. His release is a bit odd, and he struggles to push the ball vertically down the field. His ability to diagnose and process defenses will give him a shot to stick around the league.

10) James MorganQB | FIU

Morgan is a player that numerous teams are high on. He seems like the quintessential backup quarterback. He showed true grit in 2019, playing through a knee injury. He possesses prototypical size and can make big-time throws appear effortless at times.

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