Fight Fans Share Their Most Fiery ‘Unpopular UFC Opinions’

Nate Diaz, Dana White & Conor McGregor

Getty (L-R) Nate Diaz, Dana White & Conor McGregor

Fight fans recently took to Twitter to share their most “unpopular UFC opinions.”

On June 20, a Twitter user with the profile name @NerdGaethje started a conversation with members of the MMA community. They tweeted: “Reply or Quote Retweet with your UNPOPULAR UFC OPINON.”

As for theirs, they wrote: “Mine is: I couldn’t care less if Nate Diaz fights again.”

The replies started rolling in, with some taking sharing their thoughts on the sport’s biggest champions and contenders, while others focused on the UFC as a promotion.

Conor McGregor Never beats another top 5 UFC fighter at LW, MW or WW,” someone wrote. “He did what he did for The UFC and MMA as well as accruing generational wealth and for that he should be recognized. His high level winning days are over. He will still draw though so unfortunately we r stuck.”

One person wants the UFC to make a sort of sudden-death round for very close fights, like in the case of Kamaru Usman versus Colby Covington 2 and Francis Ngannou versus Ciryl Gane. “There should be an added round like extra time for champ fights that are a draw or really close, like usman vs colby 2, nganu vs gane, max vs volk, rob vs pissrael 2. Aljo vs yan 2 possibly,” they commented.

‘Unpopular Opinions’ Kept Pouring In

Another Twitter user shared their thoughts on former UFC light heavyweight champion and arguable mixed martial arts GOAT Jon “Bones” Jones.

“Jon Jones is only good because of his height and reach,” they tweeted. “Whenever he faces a fighter with similar height and reach he barely scrapes by.”

Someone commented that they think if featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski defeats Max Holloway in their trilogy match at UFC 276 on July 2, he’d have his toughest title defense against Josh Emmett.

They wrote: “Fresh out the oven : Volkanovski will have his hardest tittle defence vs Emmett if he gets past Holloway. In fact, I’d be louder with this one if I was sure Volko would get past Max next month but he might not.”

A fight fan isn’t too high on Nick and Nate Diaz’s abilities inside the Octagon. “The Diaz brothers fighting ability is based solely upon their personality and the appearance as though they’re game but flop everytime there’s pressure on.”

More UFC Thoughts Were Shared on Twitter

Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, as well as top-ranked UFC contenders Belal Muhammad and Islam Makhavchev, are “boring,” someone else claimed.

“Khabib is boring. ( yeah yeah I don’t know real MMA) whatever,” they wrote. “Anytime I See belal, khabib or Islam , I get up to go do something else.”

Speaking of boring, another Twitter user views ex-two division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre’s run as the welterweight champion as “tentative and boring.”

“GSP was tentative and boring once he became champ,” they tweeted. “To be fair, this seems to happen with great fighters who begin to focus on ‘legacy.'”

Two-time UFC welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal shouldn’t be ranked in the division’s top 10, someone else asserted. “Masvidal has never been a top ten fighter,” the wrote.

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