MyIDkey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

MyIDkey, a USB drive that stores all of your passwords and information into one key, was first introduced by Arkami at this year’s CES. Winning awards in three different categories, Computer Accessories, Personal Electronics and Computer Peripherals, it’s no surprise myIDkey is becoming one of the hottest gadgets in technology. Here is everything you need to know about MyIDkey.

1. With MyIDkey you will never have to remember passwords ever again

(Photo credit: Arkami)
Are you always forgetting your password to your bank account or Facebook? With MyIDkey, all of your passwords and bank account information are at the tip of your finger. MyIDkey is a USB drive that is voice activated and manages all of your passwords, important documents, Bank and Credit Card information, Social Security, files, photos and more.

2. You will have a key to all of your devices


MyIDKey can sync wirelessly to all of your devices including iPad, Android phone, tablet or iPhone. All you have to do is connect the USB device to your PC. If you end up losing your key, you can use its mobile app to back up all of your data online. If someone tries to attempt to access the information inside your MyIDkey multiple times, everything will be erased and your information is still protected. To restore, you can load all data onto a new key and use the MyIDKey backup system.

3. MyIDkey is the first USB drive with voice-search


In order to unlock your myIDkey, all you have to do is swipe with your finger, press and hold the microphone button and you can speak directly into your MyIDkey. If you say “Chase Checking,” it will bring up your Chase Checking account number.

4. MyIDkey won three awards at CES 2013


At this year’s CES, MyIDkey was the winner in 3 categories: Computer Accessories, Personal Electronics and Computer Peripherals.

5. If you pledge on Kickstarter, you can get a discounted rate on MyIDkey


To get your own MyIDkey at a discounted rate, you will need to pledge $99 on Arkami’s Kickstarter campaign. For price you pay, you will get two keys and two protective sleeves. If you don’t pledge, you can will have to pay $178 in retail stores.

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