Breathometer App Lets You Know if You Should Get Behind the Wheel


Have you ever left the club thinking you were okay to drive when in reality you were too intoxicated? How about sending drunk text messages when you got home from the bar, and then regretting sending them by the next morning? Thanks to Charles Michael Yim, CEO of Breathometer, there is now a smartphone app, going by the same name. Breathometer can not only help save your life, but your loved ones lives as well. How does it work? The Breathometer acts as Breathalyzer and has a built-in BAC measurement that will track your Blood Alcohol Concentration. It was designed to help you make better decisions before getting behind a wheel. Although Breathometer’s campaign on Indiegogo reached their goal of $25,000, they’re looking to raise as much funding as they can in anticipation to release more products.

If Breathometer raises $100,000 they will create a 1-click calling system so you can call friends and local taxi cabs to pick you up from the local bar. If $150,000 is raised then they will release the Breathometer in 4 different colors. And if they reach $200,000 Breathometer Michael Yim promises to create a function that will help stop drunk texting. Not a bad deal right? Now that’s not all that’s in store….

Breathometer currently has a referral contest going on for the month of April called the “Ringleader.” If you can get your friends and family members to purchase the most amount of Breathometer devices, you can win a Breathometer Holiday Friends & Family package which includes 6 devices at a value of $250.00. If you refer someone make sure they go through the Indiegogo campaign page. Referrals are tracked through the referral dashboard. The contest ends on April 13th, 2013 so make sure you do what you can to get as many referrals.

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