Craig Federighi: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Appearing at WWDC 2013 to present the new and improved iOS 7 to the crowd of developers, Craig Federighi made quite an impression since he received more stage time than the other execs. Here are ten fast facts you need to know about this new “Apple All Star”.

1.He Is The SVP of Software Development


Federighi’s main role was to oversee the development of Apple’s newest pride and joy of the product line: iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. As SVP, he leads several teams in maintaining and focusing on improving the user interface and other essential aspects of the company’s operating system. His best achievement was the successful release of OS X Mountain Lion. According to Mashable, Federighi was instrumental in the creation of iOS 7. The report predicts that the exec may be the new fresh face the company needs in a post-Steve Jobs era.

2.Apple Forced Out Forstall And Promoted Federighi


Federighi’s predecessor was Scott Forstall. Forstall left at the beginning of this new year as he was the one who took the blame for Apple’s horrendous consumer experience when it came to Apple Maps. The exec departed after rumors he constantly clashed with his team and CEO Tim Cook spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek to discuss the real reasons why Forstall was gone. Cook had said he felt their needed to be more room for collaboration when developing products for the future. Regardless of what the real reasons may have been, this opened up the door for Federighi, Eddy Cue and Jony Ive to make a real impression and show the direction the company was heading.

3.Forstall and Federighi Began Their Careers Together


Remarkably, the professional careers for both Forstall and Federighi were intertwined for before this incident. Forstall and Federighi began at Steve Job’s company called NeXT. Forstall’s forte was on consumer software while Federighi was interested in enterprise programs which Apple never has focused on. His biggest breakthough at NeXt was creating EoF. Known as Enterprise Objects Framework, this crucial piece of software now an essential part of the Xcode program. Once the company was acquired by Apple, Jobs returned to the company with Forstall while Federighi ventured out into the field after joining them after a little while.

4.Federighi Has Always Been A Tech Leader


While he rejoined Apple initially, he spent a decade working for Ariba. Federighi held a variety of roles including the prominent Chief Technology Officer title as well as VP of internet services. While details about what he accomplished at the firm are vague, the exec left a company that was one of the few survivors of dot com bubble.

5.His Career Path Began As An Inventor


Craig’s love for technological innovations begins with his education. A UC Berekeley alum, holds a bachelors of science in electrical engineering and computer science as well as a masters in computer science from the prestigious institution. According to CNET, Craig was considered to be a co-inventor on three Apple owned patents. The first was applied for in 1996 and called an “object graph editing text” but the most interesting one was a “method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects.” He even was credited as wanting to create an early replica of “Video On Demand” services while still in school.

6.Cook Is A Federighi Fan


Steve Jobs successor considers Craig to be an excellent businessman. From the interview with Businessweek, the CEO feels Craig is an excellent collaborator. In order to progress past the Forstall debacle, Cook felt more collaboration needed to happen especially to distinguish the design looks between products. The Wall Street Journal profile indicates he is a prompt and responsive businessman who always answers emails emphasizing Cook’s regard for the notable tech leader. Both men love hearing opinions from a team which is why the new releases made such an impact.

7.Craig Made An Impression At WWDC


The self confessed “nerd” had a positive reception when he presented on stage at this years conference. Mashable reports the exec sporadically appeared at company events in the past but this was his time to shine. Keeping the crowd of developers entertained, Craig made a series of jokes that proved he was at ease with talking to the community. With a total half hour on stage, he revealed the essential elements of the company’s new product line.

8.Federighi Has Always Had A Great Reputation


Will Shipley, a consultant for Job’s old company, detailed his feelings about the SVP of software in his own blog. Calling him “seven feet tall and gameshow host handsome”, the blog post discusses how federighi was instrumental in bringing back Eof and incorporating it into the Xcode format. Shipley’s thoughts were that Craig would be a much needed infusion of energy to push the company forward. Apple needed a smooth talker with smarts in order to push past the Steve Jobs era.

9.Bertrand Serlet Added To Federighi’s Job Title


Forstall’s ouster provided Federighi with the responsibility of overseeing the OS group but Serlet leaving the company gave Craig his title as SVP. Bertrand Serlett was SVP of software development from 1997 to 2011. He left the tech giant to work on a mysterious new project but was an instrumental force in leaving behind a “blue-print” for Craig to follow. Serlet was the founding father of OS X and was responsible for the release of all the cat-named operating systems. Fortunately, Federighi ended this tradition with the newest release of Mavericks but Serlet left a better impression than Forstall.

10.Craig Has Potential


It’s tough to consider Apple the same corporation without the visionary creator leading the charge. Cook has proven to be a capable leader but Federighi has proven he’s the new CEO’s secret weapon. The impact the new designs made were well-received and the exec’s presentation made it clear the direction the company is heading. Apple will need a guy like this with energy, charisma and honesty to take them into the future.

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