Top 10 New iPhone and iPad Apps of June 2013

The App Store is filled with thousands of apps, but sometimes it can be difficult to find those hot newly released apps. We went through the App Store and found 10 new apps for you to download and check out. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

1. Clipchat


Clipchat is a new social network that brings a unique way of sharing photos and videos with your smartphone. Share five second videos or images with your friends or followers. Once videos and images are viewed they will disappear forever. Clipchat is secure so you can share private moments with people you care about. You can download Clipchat from the App Store here.

2. ScribbleMix: Monsters University Pack


Disney has released a new game called ScribbleMix to promote Monsters University, which hits theaters in a couple of weeks. In ScribbleMix, one player will draw an assigned phrase, while the second player guesses what the other person is drawing. As an example, players will be asked to draw or guess “King Partying in a Castle” or draw “Yoda Building a Snowman in the Dark.” Drawing and guess answers correctly can earn players free coins to advance. ScribbleMix seems very familiar to Draw Something, so there should be no learning curve for Draw Something veterans.The game is integrated with Facebook, so players can find Facebook friends to play with or share their doodles. You can download ScribbleMix from the App Store here.

3.CC: Standup


Comedy Central released a new iOS app called CC: Standup. The CC:Standup app gives users access to a library filled with more than 700 comedians and has over 6,000 videos. The CC: Standup app comes with two different modes, featured and discover. “Featured” mode creates a stand-up playlist based on a specific topic. “Discover” mode is where users can search for comedians by genre, topic, shared credits or random trivia. Users must be 17 years old to download the app. You can download CC: Standup from the App Store here.

4. Birds Get the Word!


Bird Gets the Word! is a fast-past word game created by Stachit. Players can enter games of up to 50 players. Swipe in any direction on the board to connect to matching words. Bonus tiles on the board give players extra coins and points. Advance and unlock new and challenging rooms to compete in. Join in on daily and weekly tournaments to see who can play Birds Get the Word the best. You can download Bird Gets the Word! from the App Store here.

5. What’s the Emoji?


What’s the Emoji? is a word game created by Cheat Master and Friends Words. Players need to guess the emoji combo to form a word. Stuck on a word? Use hints to advance or ask your friends on Instagram. What’s the Emoji? may seem like a simple game, but it can get challenging as players advance. What’s the Emoji? is fun and addicting game. You can download What’s the Emoji? from the App Store here.

6. InstaDo: Friend Zone is Over


InstaDo is an app created by Roasted Brains. This is a great app for anyone who’s looking to get out of the “friend zone.” Users are given an opportunity to approach Facebook friends in a new and exciting way. Invite the person you like to join you for coffee, dinner or a movie. They will receive a private message but won’t see what you have planned. If it ends up they’re interested, they can send an answer and a chat window will open up so you can plan the date. You can get out of the friend zone now by downloading InstaDo from the App Store here.

7. Uno & Friends


Uno & Friends was developed by Gameloft. Uno & Friends is a fast-paced version of the classic card game Uno. Players can connect to Game Center or Facebook to play with friends online. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Players with cards left over at the end of the game will lose points. Buy power-ups to advance your way through the game. Uno & Friends is fun and addictive. You can download Uno & Friends from the App Store here.

8. InStatus


InStatus is a photography app created by Thang Dinh. Upload existing photos or take a new photo and start getting creative with the large selection of tools InStatus has to offer. Use your fingers to scale images to the size you want. Enhance photos by adding effects, frames and more. Change the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of the photo. Get fancy and add text to your photo to make it stand out. You can download InStatus from the App Store here.

9. MySpace


Need a new place to hang out online? Why not try an old but revamped place to hang out? Why not try out the new MySpace? With the new MySpace app for iOS, users don’t have to remember their old login information. They can easily log in with their Facebook account. The app’s design resembles the new desktop experience, and it’s easy to connect and make new friends. Users can instantly discover new songs through MySpace’s new streaming radio service, having access to 53 million songs. By clicking on a favorite musician’s radio station, not only can users listen to their music, but you can also find out what they’re listening to. Users can also updates statuses with text, images or GIFs, by tapping the create button. You can download the new Myspace from the App Store here.

10. Dead Ahead


Dead Ahead is a zombie game developed by Chillingo Ltd. Players are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and the goal is to get away from the zombies on your scooter. Use ramps to jump through obstacles. Zombies are chasing after you and you need to shoot them with a revolver or a shotgun. Earn achievements every time you kill a zombie. This game may start slow, but the pace pics up pretty fast. See if you can kill all the zombies in Dead Ahead. You can download Dead Ahead from the App Store here.

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