Top 10 Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

iOS note-taking apps


Although the iPhone and iPad already come with a notepad, it can be very limited. If you attend a lot of meetings, listen to lectures, or always come up with a lot of ideas, you may need to upgrade to a new notepad with advanced tools. We combed through the App Store and found the best note-taking apps for the iPhone and iPad. These 10 apps will help make you feel organized and productive.

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1. Evernote


With over 50 million users, Evernote is the supreme note-taking app. The app has everything you need, from being able to organize information from notebooks to sharing them with others. iPhone and iPad users can also record voice and audio notes, and sync all files. Evernote is sort of the gold stand of note-taking apps for iOS, so you can feel secure downloading this app. It also works within a number of other popular apps, which is a nice bonus. You can download Evernote from the App Store here.

2. Simplenote


Simplenote makes it easy to write down notes and reminders with its user-friendly interface. If you want to be more organized, you can tag all your notes. You can share them with others and receive notifications if anyone makes changes. Additional functions include setting up reminders and alarms, which is a nice touch. Simplenote really does simplify your life. You can download Simplenote from the App Store here.

3. Sticky Notes – Reminders & Notes


Sticky Notes is an app for note taking and getting organized. Sticky Notes has a large selection of visual note styles, unlimited category folders, and you can protect your notes by setting up a password. Add notes to your lock screen, choose from 10,000 wallpapers, share and collaborate on notes with others. You can download Sticky Notes from the App Store here.

4. Super Note


With Super Note, users have the option to take notes with their finger, a stylus pen, or create voice recordings. Add drawings, photos, and be prepared for your next meeting or lecture. The notes are color coded so you can find what you’re looking for instantly. You can even set alert reminders on your notes so you don’t miss anything important.

Super Note also allows you to transfer notes to other people using email or Wi-Fi. Super Note is simple to use and is packed with tons of features that make this note-taking app stand out from the rest. This is an underrated iOS note-taking app. You can download Super Note from the App Store here.

5. Safe Note


If you’re looking for an app that will protect your notes, so no one else looks at them, you should consider Safe Note. With Safe Note, you can set up a self -protected password to protect your notes. Filter through recent, favorite and urgent notes. You can download Safe Note from the App Store here.

6. Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app created by Microsoft. Easily create, edit, and manage up to 500 notes on your iPhone or iPad. Besides taking notes, you can add images and other media, draw diagrams and make charts. Using Microsoft SkyDrive (now called OneDrive), you can easily sync all your notes. You can download Microsoft OneNote from the App Store here.

7. Notability


Notability is an awesome note-taking application. It comes with tons of useful features including retina ink to capture ideas, pdf annotation, advanced word processing, link audio recordings, and you can auto-sync your notes. You can purchase Notability for $1.99 from the App Store here. While some users prefer free note-taking apps, this is a premium app that’s worth spending a couple of bucks on.

8. Paper by FiftyThree


Paper by FiftyThree is a sketch app that lets you draw, sketch, write, outline and color. Paper is finger friendly, but can be used with a stylus. Recent updates include new features like pinch to zoom and ink upgrades. You can download Paper by FiftyThree from the App Store here.

9. Springpad


With Springpad, users can create as many notebooks as they want. Pick notebooks like Projects Around the House to Articles I Want to Save. Add voice reminders, alarms, recipes, products, barcodes and more. Users can also invite collaborators to join notebooks. Springpad will help you be more organized and productive, making it ideal for both personal use, student use, or even use by teams working together on a business project. You can download Springpad from the App Store here.

10. Noteshelf


If you enjoy using a stylus to take notes on your iPad, Noteshelf will be the perfect note-taking app for you. Noteshelf comes with over 20 note templates, 15 covers, and a stylus with 17 digital inks. If you’re new to taking free-form notes, its simple to get started, just start writing on your iPad like it’s a blank piece of paper. You can download Noteshelf from the App Store here.

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