Twitter is Down: What You Need to Know

According to multiple user reports, Twitter is currently out of commission.

UPDATE 4:55 EST: A Twitter spokesperson sent me this blog post that Twitter released. It reads:

Some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter.

Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.

UPDATE 4:52 EST: It looks like Twitter is back up! If you’re still suffering outages, feel free to email me at

UPDATE 4:42 EST: It seems like the only Twitter services that are operating are Search and Userstream. This screenshot is from

twitter down

UPDATE 4:38 EST: We’ve reached out to Twitter to confirm the outage. We’ll update you when they email us back.

UPDATE 4:34 EST: We’re in New York by the way, so it could be down locally. Here’s a screenshot of my Twitter feed. Looks like Twitter’s been down for 20 minutes.

twitter down

Twitter isn’t working and is posting error messages all over the place. This story is developing so stay tuned.

Is Twitter down for you? Let me know in the comments section or email me at

Here are some screenshots of Twitter’s outage.

twitter down, twitter outage

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