Here Are the Old Apple Relics Being Auctioned Off

A 16-day online auction ended Tuesday that led to the sale of 10 old Apple products at prices much higher than Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak would have ever imagine.

Christie’s, the auction house that ran the sale, gave the figures and other details to the Huffington Post. Here’s 5 of the items that were sold.

Apple-1 Personal Computer

Apple-1 Personal Computer

The Apple-1 auction sale made big news when it was first reported that Christie’s was auctioning off the personal computer. While we knew the bid would be high, we didn’t know how high. Back in May, a working Apple-1 was sold for $671,400, so the actual price for the Christie’s is kinda a bargain.

Some background: The Apple-1 was one of the first computers that Apple, the company, and its main employees at the time — Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak — had made. The two designed and built about 200 of these computers and was the company’s first product — so obviously it’s pretty rare.

The Apple-1 was purchased by an Italian “collector club,” Bolaffi, for $387,750. The club also got a few other gifts — including a picture of the two co-founders signed by both Jobs and Wozniak.

Translucent Macintosh SE Case

Translucent Macintosh SE Case

According to the Christie’s online auction page, the Translucent macintosh SE Case is considered by them to be custom manufactured. The first Apple computer with a fan, the high design seems to hint that the designers wanted to check on the air flow inside the device. The Translucent Macintosh SE Case

A Prototype Macintosh Portable Computer

Prototype Macintosh Portable Computer

According to TUAW, the prototype Macintosh Portable Computer is extremely rare. The battery powered computer debuted in September 1989 and is considered the early predecessor to the Powerbook. Christie’s notes that this model (not the unit being sold though)was the first comercial portable computer used in space and the first to send email from space as well. It sold for $2,500.

A 20th Anniversary Macintosh

20th Anniversary Macintosh

To celebrate Apple’s 20th year, the company unveiled the 20th anniversary Macintosh. Only 12,000 units were made and it features some special features, including a custom Bose sound system and leather wrist rests. It sold for $2,500.

An Apple //e Computer

Apple //e Computer

The Apple //e was the first computer to ever use “custom chips” made and designed by Apple. It introduced “lowercase characters, an 80-column text mode (with a standard expansion card), and higher-resolution graphics modes,” according to Christie’s. It sold for $1,375.

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