Top 10 New iPhone Games of August 2013

Looking for some new games to play on your iPhone? Here are 10 new iPhone games for August 2013.

1. Champs: Battlegrounds

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Champs: Battlegrounds is a new fast-paced strategy game developed by Quark Games Inc. Build your squad with powerful Champs and battle through real-time combat with other players. Upgrade your army, make every move count, and lead your squad to victory! You can download Champs: Battlegrounds from the App Store here.

2. Mikey Hooks

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Mikey Hooks is a fun platformer game developed by BeaverTap Games, LLC. Run, jump, and slide through 6 unique environments with 36 levels. Collect coins, race against ghosts, and watch out for spikes! Mikey Hooks is highly addicting. You can download Mikey Hooks from the App Store here.

3. Worms 3

Worms™ 3 – Universal – HD Gameplay TrailerWorms™ 3 by Team17 Software Ltd The follow up to the award-winning, best-selling Worms 2: Armageddon is here! Worms™ 3 has been designed and developed exclusively for iOS. DEAL yourself the advantage with a new, game-changing enhancement. Turn on the card mode and alter the start and end of each turn by the playing of strategic cards. COLLECT in-game rewards that allow you to purchase bronze, silver and gold cards. Build your deck from 41 fiendishly designed cards! ENLIST your perfect battle combination as you choose your worms from a new 'Class' system – Heavy, Scientist, Scout and classic Soldier. Each has their own unique skill and ability. Which will fit in with your style of play? Show off your skills by earning Achievements! A delightful blend of both the simple and complex, these goals have been deliberately engineered to push you and your wormy skills to the limits! PLAY online with asynchronous multiplayer warfare. Enroll in ranked or friendly matches and show off your prowess. Remember, with asynchronous multiplayer you don't have to commit to a full session at a time. Take your turn then go beat your friends score in the single-player Bodycount mode! BATTLE in multiplayer Forts or Deathmatch modes and challenge yourself with the increasingly difficult Bodycount single-player game. CONQUER 27 single-player missions across 4 new themes (Beach, spooky, farmyard and sewer). CUSTOMIZE your squad and make them unique with a huge amount of customizable elements new to iOS! INCOMING! All your old favourite weapons plus six new ones on iOS, including a couple of returning classics such as the Old Lady and the Homing Pigeon! BE THE BEST and worm your way to the top of the Leaderboards across all major game modes including single player as well as asynchronous online ranked matches. GREATER CONTROL for players who can now choose between an all-new D-Pad control system and the original touch controls. MARVEL at the glorious streamlined menu system. Gamers can now enjoy a much more pleasant and navigable menu system with a quick access player HUB for all updates and information! GO LARGE with the fabulous AirPlay feature. Link up to Apple TV and play on one device with up to four players on the big screen. The active player can plot their move secretly on the iOS device while the waiting gamers can witness the move on the TV screen! Get even more Team17 information, including the latest game updates and more… Facebook: WormsTeam17 Twitter: Team17Ltd Web: DON'T MISS OUR OTHER EXCITING WORMS GAMES! Worms 2: Armageddon, Worms Crazy Golf, Worms, Worms HD, Worms Crazy Golf HD & the FREE Worms Soundboard! ** Note ** Worms™ 3 is not recommended for iPhone 3GS or lesser hardware. iTunes Store Page: Homepage:

Worms 3 is a turn-based strategy game developed by Team17 Software. Enlist your perfect team of worms and battle in multi-player Forts or Deathmatch modes. Customize your squad, plan your attacks and collect in-game rewards. Enroll in ranked or friendly matches and worm your way up to the leaderboards. You can download Worms 3 from the App Store here.

4. John Cena’s Fast Lane

top new iphone games wwe john cenas fast lane

John Cena’s Fast Lane is a racing game developed World Wresting Entertainment, Inc. Play as a young racer, and crush opponents in various cities from across the United States, and impress none other than John Cena, who will give you knowledge he learned from behind the wheel. Customize your car, face new competitors, and share photos of your ride on Facebook. You can download WWE John Cena’s Fast Lane from the App Store here.

5. RunBot

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RunBot is a 3-D infinite runner game developed by Marvelous Games. Play as RunBot, and run, race, flip and fly through a series of obstacles. Swipe the screen to guide RunBot, and collect battery cells and power cores to upgrade arsenal and armor. Run as fast you can and become the best runner! You can download RunBot from the App Store here.

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6. Ultimate Forever: Quest for the Avatar

top new iphone games ultimate forever quest for the avatar

Ultimate Forever: Quest for the Avatar is a new RPG developed by Electronic Arts. Embark on epic adventures and begin your quest to defeat The Black Weep. Venture into challenging dungeons, slay your enemies, and discover treasures to enhance your abilities. Are you ready to become the Avatar of Renown? You can download Ultimate Forever: Quest for the Avatar from the App Store here.

7. Knightmare Tower

KNIGHTMARE TOWER – Official Trailer (iOS, Android, OUYA)Knightmare Tower is available on iOS, Ouya and Google Play! You can follow us on: Our website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

Knightmare Tower is an endless runner game developed by Juicy Beast Studio. Players take on the role of a Knight, whose gaming session is interrupted by a letter from the king. The king’s daughters have been captured by an evil skull, and you need to help rescue all ten of them. Slice monsters on your way up to the top of the Knightmare Tower. Knightmare Tower is fun and highly addicting. You can download Knightmare Tower from the App Store here.

8. 4 Snaps

top new iphone games 4snaps

4 Snaps is a new word game developed by Michael Sayman. Players are given three words. Pick one of the three words and take four “snaps” to help the other player guess the word. When its your turn to snap or guess you will be notified with a quack sound. Have fun and challenge your friends and Facebook, or look up users by usersname. You can download 4Snaps from the App Store here.

9. Amateur Surgeon 3

Amateur Surgeon 3 iOS iPhone / iPad GameplayAmateure Surgeon 3 iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Please like, share the video and subcribe to the channel Description from iTunes HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO OPERATE ON A MUTANT BEAR WITH A CHAINSAW?* If so, then you are wasting time reading this when you could be playing "AMATEUR SURGEON: TAG-TEAM TRAUMA" and LIVING THAT DREAM. As rookie surgeon Ophelia Payne you must cut your way to the heart of a dark mystery while saving lives using your trusty pizza cutter, stapler, car battery – and host of other inappropriate tools! Amateur Surgeon 3 also features the following exciting bullet-points! • More than 20 over-the-top surgeries in 6 exotic locations including: • Inept Criminals! • Radioactive Bats! • A Possibly-Cannibal! • Transgender Robot! • Mutated Cultists! • Full, awesome story with inappropriate humour and cheap gags! • 8 colourful tag-team surgery partners with bizarre special abilities! • Fully customisable upgrades for your tools! • Multiple save slots to share with family/friends! • A genetically-enhanced Pug called Mister Giblets! Thanks so much for watching! GGMobilePlay2013-08-10T00:56:13.000Z

Amateur Surgeon 3 is a surgeon simulation game developed by Adult Swim. Play as rookie surgeon Ophelia Payne and perform surgery using a pizza cutter, staple, car battery and other inappropriate tools. Perform more than 20 surgeries in over 6 different locations including: inept criminals, radioactive bats, transgender robots and more. You can download Amateur Surgeon 3 from the App Store here.

10. Abyss Attack

top new iphone games abyss attack

Abyss Attack is an arcade game developed by Chillingo Ltd. Submerge into the deep ocean and fight for survival. Tilt your device to navigate your way and fight against the seas’s dangerous leviathans. Use weapons and power-ups to make your way through enemies and battle in intense boss encounters. Complete missions and share your best score on Facebook. You can download Abyss Attack from the App Store here.