iOS 7 Bugs & Glitches: Users Can Make Calls on Locked iPhone

Another user has found a pesky security bug in iOS 7 housed in the emergency call system for locked iPhones. Forbes reported that Karam Daoud, a 27-year-old Palestinian living in Ramallah, had uncovered this vulnerability.

The video shows how Daoud is able to make international and premium calls by tapping “Emergency” through the lock screen of your phone. Once the menu appears, dial any number and click on the green button multiple times. The familiar black screen with Apple logo should appear and then the call gets made with your lock screen still visible in the background.

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Unlike the control panel bug that was discovered on Thursday, there seems to be no immediate fix for this. Following the process above, I tested it out on my 4S and it works. The Forbes writer, Andy Greenberg, noted that it worked on the iPhone 5S as well. Daoud worked as mobile bug tester in the past and immediately contacted Apple to let them know. A representative thanked him for his e-mail and said a patch to fix this error would arrive in a few days.

This is the second malfunction found in the lock screen since iOS 7 was seeded to all iPhone owners this past Wednesday. The control panel flaw was easily repaired with a few quick swipes on privacy settings but this will be more difficult to adjust since the emergency call function is so essential.

In case you find other bugs or glitches, please email the author at


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