Apple iPhone 5S Touch ID: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S with a new Touch ID feature designed to enhance security. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Button Will Speed Up The Log In Process



TouchID is the official name of the new feature and it will harness users fingerprints to access a variety of features including speeding up the log in process. The sensor scans sup-epidermal skin layers through a sturdy, steel detection ring. This means you’ll be avoiding clicking on actual home button. It will recognize you and open up your phone.

2. It Will Authorize iTunes Purchases Quickly


Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller explaining the new tech associated with the button (Getty)

As long as TouchID recognizes your fingerprints, the button can help authorize iTunes purchases as well as passwords.

3. It Will Never Send A BackUp Of Your Information Into The Cloud

The sapphire crystal is the key for your phone to recognize the scan but Apple has alleviated concerns about keeping track of your information. TouchID safely stores the fingerprint info into a “security enclave” which is a unique kernel that will house all of your personal information and will NEVER send additional information back into the cloud.

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4. The Scanner Is Designed To Protect Against Identity Theft


This feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 5S (Getty)

Since the program will always remember your own specific code, it will be impossible for you to be at risk for identity theft.

5. Its Purpose Was Meant To Help With Passcodes For iPhone Users


Apple CEO Tim Cook explains the difference between the the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C (Getty)

Phil Schiller made it clear that most Apple customers never make strong passwords for their phones and this was the next alternative. It replaces the need for some form of a passcode which would benefit most customers when purchasing the new device on September 20th.

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