Top 10 Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

While the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is coming out next month, the company revealed a few apps that will be available with the official release. Here are the top 10 you need to know about.

1. Path

Social network Path is going to support the watch upon its release later this month, according to The Verge. Users would be able to share photos, post locations and allow feedback to others posts similar to its online site. All of these actions will be performed through the watch.

2. Pocket

During yesterday’s presentation, Samsung emphasized the importance of accessibility, which is why the Pocket app is an excellent addition to the watch. The app enables Gear to work in conjunction with the Android app, syncing with your phone to have text read aloud to you without pulling your phone out.

3. eBay


eBay is another promotional partner that promised to support Gear when it comes out in the U.S. The app will essentially be similar to its counterparts on other operating systems. The Verge notes that eBay will have a very limited browsing experience and will have a minor glitch where users have to access their phones to explore the description of an item they may want to bid for. On the watch, you’ll be able to receive notifications from a personal My eBay account as well.

4. MyFitnessPal


With the new wave of smartwatches approaching, fitness apps are going to be an essential part of the experience. Two of this app’s most popular features, the calorie counter and diet tracker, will be available for Gear. The calorie counter can scan barcodes to estimate how many carbs are in a specific item while you can monitor your goals to ensure you meet your diet goals.

5. RunKeeper


The other fitness app housed on Gear is RunKeeper. Its purpose is to help you set up an exercise routine. It provides detailed tracking of workouts and reports back to you with detailed gauges of distance, time and pace. It is another program than can work independently from a Samsung device utilizing the over-the-air sync feature the watch prides itself on.

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6. TripIt

TripIt is the only travel app acknowledged this early for Gear. The program allows for hands-free managing of travel itineraries while carrying heavy luggage. Galaxy Gear becomes a hub for travel arrangements letting vacationers view their hotel and flight plans or get maps to help with their journey.

7. Evernote

The watch’s weakness of requiring a Samsung phone nearby could hurt its potential, but Evernote is one of the few apps that actually runs on the watch itself. The helpful memory tool would be an excellent addition the device but the functions of Evernote for Galaxy Gear have not been explained.

8. Glympse

Galaxy Gear has the potential to revolutionize location sharing with the addition of the Glympse app. Glympse has all of the core elements enmeshed within the smartwatch-focused app. Full maps are optimized for the small screen instead of basic alerts or notifications. Seeking directions and meeting with friends could be made much easier placing all this information on your wrist instead of fumbling with your phone from your pocket.

9. Vivino Wine Scanner

The Vivino Wine Scanner was the first app preloaded into Galaxy Gear and was granted a slew of new upgrades for the worldwide release. Use the watch’s camera to snap a picture of a wine bottle’s label, which then gives users a detailed report about that bottle and brand. Members of Vivino’s network can share their personal recommendations about a particular wine too. This is a nice complement to Galaxy Gear’s memographer feature embedded in the camera.

10. Atooma

Atooma is another app to get excited for when Galaxy Gear arrives next month. Known as automation app, Atooma responds to if-then orders to active an action any time of day. Ultimately, the app is the same as the IFTTT program, but it has limitless potential to merge different apps on the watch taking advantage of its voice activated features.

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