Top 10 Best Video Sharing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Do you like filming video on your iPhone or iPad and need to share it with your friends or the rest of the world? These 10 video sharing apps should be what you need to satisfy your inner filmmaker.

1. YouTube Capture

YouTube CaptureNew! Capture and share videos instantly with YouTube Capture. More at

YouTube is the most popular place people share videos online, and with YouTube Capture for iPhone and iPad, uploading videos and sharing with friends hasn’t been easier. Prior to YouTube Capture’s launch, Google’s own YouTube app only allowed users to browse through videos. With YouTube Capture, users can record videos, enhance those videos with stabilization, trimming, and adding music, as well as easily upload to not only YouTube, but also Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. You can download YouTube Capture here.

2. Vine

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad vine

It’s been eight months since Vine first launched for iOS, and has grown to 40 million users. Acquired by Twitter, this app lets users film 6 seconds of video, essentially become a video version of a tweet. Vine is very simple to use, allowing users to record during the length of time their fingers are on the screen, resulting in very unique short videos. Vine has proven to be THE app to use for social video. You can download Vine for iPhone from the App Store here.

3. Instagram

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad instagram

Soon following the launch of Vine, Instagram launched a new feature that allowed users to upload their own videos to Instagram. Unlike Vine, users are given 15 seconds to shoot video rather than 6. Instagram users are also given 12 different filters to enhance their videos. The newest update to Instagram now allows users to upload videos from their camera roll, making sure videos that weren’t filmed in Instagram still has a chance to make it on your feed. You can download Instagram from the App Store here.

4. Viddy

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad viddy

Initially launched April, 2011, Viddy was described as the “Instagram of videos,” which apparently doesn’t apply anymore since Instagram users can now upload videos. Similar to Instagram, users can film video for 15 seconds or less, and can also add effects, filters, and music. Once uploaded, users can share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blogs. You can download Viddy from the App Store here.

5. Qwiki

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Recently Acquired by Yahoo for $50million, Qwiki is an iPhone app that lets users create movies from videos and photos with one click straight from their own camera roll. The company describes itself as “one click storytelling.” Once created users can share their movies with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS text. You can download Qwiki from the App Store here.

6. Tout

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad

Tout is an app that lets their users film 15 second video status updates. Initially targeted for journalists, TV reporters, and media companies, now over 200 million users use the service. Once recorded, Tout allows for quick and easy video upload to popular social sites such as Facebook and Twiiter, as well as any user’s personal website. You can download Tout from the App Store here.

7. Klip

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad klip

Klip is an app that lets users easily post and receive video messages. Klip lets users share an unlimited number of clips with friends with quick and easy video capture and uploading. You can download Klip from the App Store here.

8. Directr

Unlike Instagram or Vine, Directr isn’t made to share videos simply by throwing a filter over it. Directr wants its users to tell a story through its service, making it more compelling for other users to watch. The idea of Directr is to turn users into artists, using professionally-made storyboards to help guide users with making the best videos they can. You can download Directr from the App Store here.

9. Snapchat

best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad snapchat

Many know Snapchat as the app that offered self-destructing photos after 10 seconds, but not many know of its video-sharing capabilities. Unlike Vine, Snapchat lets users share up to 9 seconds of video, giving the ability to share with those on your contact list. Once the video has been shared, the video will self-destruct within the time defined by the user. You can download Snapchat from the App Store here.

10. MixBit

VideoVideo related to top 10 best video sharing apps for iphone and ipad2013-09-02T14:31:19-04:00

MixBit is a new social video app from the original YouTube co-founders, Steven Chen and Andrew Hurley. MixBit allows for 16 seconds of video to be shared, and unlike Vine, users have the ability to “remix” others’ videos to create movies up to one hour long. With MixBit, submissions are anonymous and comments are not allowed. You can download MixBit from the App Store here.

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