Google Barge Mystery REVEALED: Invite Only Product Showrooms


The Google boats mystery has finally been solved. (Getty)

Earlier this week, reports came in that Google had two mysterious boats floating in the San Francisco Bay and up in Portland, Maine. This riddle has finally been solved thanks to CBS San Francisco.

The vessels could be invite only party boats intended as product showrooms for special guests. The project is personally directed by co-founder Sergey Brin. The first three floors of the boat will be showrooms for products created by Google X. This will include the new wearable computer Google Glass while there is a party deck at the very top for guests to visit while viewing the new devices on display. The structure is made of interchangeable 40 foot shipping containers that can be adjusted and moved too.

CBS San Francisco obtained this information from a source who was able to board the boat and explore inside. Google X is the mysterious branch of the giant company that works on many of the futuristic gadgets it has planned such as the self-driving cars but this creation has been in the pipeline for about a year according to the report but the only delays it encountered was filling out the necessary paperwork. There is no exact release date known for when these projects will become active.

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