iPhone 101: 10 Tips to Help Get You Started With Your New iPhone

10. Find Your iPhone if It’s Lost or Stolen

find my iphone

If your iPhone ends up lost or stolen, it can be a terrible experience. There is an Apple service called Find My iPhone that makes it easier to locate your device if that happens. To turn on Find My iPhone, follow these steps:

          1. Launch your Settings app

          2. Scroll down and tap on “iCloud”

          3. Scroll down and toggle “Find My iPhone” on

If your iPhone ends up lost or stolen you can locate it using one of two ways:
Download and launch the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device. It doesn’t matter if you’re borrowing someone else’s device. You can still log into your account to locate your own phone.
Visit iCloud.com from any PC or Mac browser. There, you can launch Find My iPhone to locate your device.

From the Find My iPhone app, you play a loud signal from you iPhone. You can also erase all of the data in your iPhone in case it is stolen and you don’t want any thieves to access your confidential information. By turning on Find My iPhone, it also provides a new feature called Activation Lock that prevents your iPhone from being unlocked, erased, or reactivated if it is stolen.

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