Top 5 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

Are you expecting a baby? Download these 5 pregnancy apps to help you throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s development

1. Sprout

sprout pregnancy iphone app

Sprout is rated the #1 pregnancy app for moms-to-be. You can customize the app with your baby’s due date and you will get to see stunning images of your baby’s development over the next nine months. While the app costs $3.99, it come with appointment tracker, to-do lists, weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, and a detailed list of must have items to bring to the hospital for your big day. The pregnancy timeline will provide your baby’s weekly milestones, and you will receive helpful tips and medical advice. Sprout’s pregnancy app is a must-have for moms-to-be. You can download Sprout from the App Store here.

2. What to Expect

what to expect pregnancy iphone app

If you’re a fan of the pregnancy book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” you will love the official app for iPhone and Android. The app lets you track activities like sleeping, feeding, diapers, and vaccinations. Development categories include information on your baby’s growth, month-by-month, milestones, teething and tooth care, and more. Moms-to-be can even join groups to chat with other expecting moms from around the world. You can download What to Expect from the App Store here.

3. My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter

my pregnancy today iphone app

The My Pregnancy Today app by BabyCenter is a must-have guide for parents-to-be. By entering in your due date, you can see a day by day timeline of your pregnancy and see fetal development images, so you can see images of your baby’s development each week. The app also includes a pregnancy checklist, registry checklist, and kick tracker that lets you keep track of your baby’s movements. You can even join birth clubs to connect with other pregnancy women. You can download My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter from the App Store here.

4. I’m Expecting

im expecting pregnancy iphone app

I’m Expecting is the best app to track your symptoms during your pregnancy. Learn what’s going on with your body and get tips on how to alleviate symptoms like nausea and fatigue. View doctor appointments, upload photos of your baby bump, and ask questions to other women just like you. I’m Expecting is a very useful and free pregnancy app. You can download I’m Expecting from the App Store here.

5. Babies “R” Us

babies r us iphone app

With the Babies “R” Us app you can make purchases straight from your phone. You can find the best deals on baby products, find the nearest Babies “R” Us location, and use the built-in-barcode scanner to find information on products. The Babies “R” Us app makes it easy to find valuable information. You can download Babies “R” Us from the App Store here.

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