AlarmPad App Will Help Wake You Up Early in the Morning

alarmpad android app

If you hit the snooze button a dozen times before you wake up, you’re probably not a morning person. There’s a new beta alarm clock app, AlarmPad, which brings context to your alarms, making it a little bit easier for you to wake up in the morning.

Setting up an alarm on AlarmPad is easy. The free version of the AlarmPad app allows you to create up to 5 active alarms at a time. You can select which days of the week you want the set your alarm. The app comes with default ringtones and ring options including vibration, gently increase the volume, speak messages with alarm, and asking to dismiss them. If you end up dismissing an alarm, the app will show you detailed weather and calendar appointments. You can also listen to personal messages or use voice commands to dismiss alarms. The free version includes ads, and if you’re looking to remove ads you can buy the pro version here.

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