WATCH: Roy Choi’s Leprechaun Burrito Made With Google Glass

Google Glass Explorer Story: Roy ChoiMeet Roy Choi. He's a Glass Explorer, co-founder of Kogi BBQ, and the world famous chef behind the gourmet food truck movement. Step into the kitchen with Roy as he puts a new spin on Irish cooking for St. Patrick's Day. Interested in finding out more about Glass? Visit: Google+:‎ Twitter: Instagram:…2014-03-14T04:00:32Z

In the video above, food truck legend Roy Choi prepares a St. Paddys’ day treat with the aid of Google Glass. Choi’s creation is a “leprechaun burrito,” a Mexican twist on a traditional Irish stew.

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Choi, who is also a member of the Google Glass Explorer Program, prepared the burrito while wearing Google Glass. In the video, you can see him take a call from his mom while he’s doing his cooking demo.

Despite Choi’s joke about making his green sauce out of pureed leprechauns, no leprechauns were harmed during the making of this video.

Are you gonna make yourself a leprechaun burrito for dinner tonight?