Top 5 Best Internet Privacy & Cyber Security Apps

internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps


According to Pew researchers, “more than half of app users have uninstalled or decided to not install an app due to concerns about personal information.” If you’re concerned about Internet privacy and cyber security, the following smartphone apps should help give you some peace of mind.

1. Silent Circle’s Silent Phone iPhone | Android

internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps

(Silent Phone)

Silent Circle is one of the leading names in the privacy biz, and their Silent Phone app is used by both individuals and business clients. Silent Phone lets you make private calls with full video and conference capability. A companion app, Silent Text, is also available.


  • Ideal for the privacy-obsessed
  • No need to import contacts already on your device
  • Great call quality
  • Uses open source encryption
  • Silent Circle founders are the creators of the world’s most widely used and trusted encryption software – PGP and ZRTP

  • Cons:

  • App is free, subscription to use the service is not
  • For the price you pay, some subscribers want deeper anonymity
  • Installation process takes too long
  • Silent Circle may suspend any Silent Circle account that has not been used for six months
  • Service does not automatically jump from a bad Wi-Fi connection to 3G/4G

  • 2. Noot iPhone | Android

    internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps


    Unlike other news readers, Noot requires no sign up at all. Additionally, the makers of Noot believe that people should be allowed to access news and topics on their phones they care about without having their personal data tracked and sold. You can get tailored news feeds delivered to your phone, without wondering if your embarrassing love of certain topics will get found out.


  • Limited distractions
  • Pro-privacy ethos
  • Scannable headlines
  • Create multiple streams, view them separately or all together
  • Free

  • Cons:

  • Limited language localization options at this time
  • Tablet version of the app seems more cluttered than the smartphone version
  • Relatively new app, may still have some bugs to work out
  • Personalization features learn what you like over time and suggest what else you might like: great for many, but a select few privacy fanatics may find this cool feature invasive

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    3. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security for Android

    internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps


    According to an article on PC World, the number of mobile apps infected with malware in Google’s Play store nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013. Keep your Android device safe by downloading Sophos’ free security app, which will help you scan for threats and develop good security habits.


  • Free app that is full featured and nag-free
  • Schedule regular app scans
  • Scans apps as they download
  • Helps you identify NSFW apps
  • Supports remote commands for the following in the event of loss or theft: wipe, lock, alarm (scream), locate, message to finder, reset passcode

  • Cons:

  • Some users have reported freezes/locks with app
  • Can drain your battery
  • Requires frequent authentication
  • Loss/theft suite of options could stand to have a few more possibilities, including taking pictures or alerting authorities
  • App prone to crashing or overheating devices when in use

  • 4. Cyber Dust – Disappearing Chat Messenger iPhone | Coming Soon For Android

    internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps

    (Cyber Dust)

    Cyber Dust is somewhat similar to Snapchat, but with a few key differences. Unlike the newest version of Snapchat, Cyber Dust doesn’t support video chatting…but video chat support is coming soon. Messages auto-destruct after 30 seconds, and this app is great because it has no character limits on chats.


  • Supports GIFs and also lets you add text over images
  • Free app
  • Requires iOS 6.1 or later (great for people who haven’t upgraded to iOS 7.0 or 7.1 yet)
  • Screenshot detection
  • Messages are encrypted

  • Cons:

  • Not clear what type of encryption is used
  • Lacks some features found in Snapchat
  • For fastest possible messaging, you must be running iOS 7.0 or later
  • Push notifications may sometimes lag
  • If the recipient does not receive the message within 12 hours, it is deleted permanently

  • 5. Cloak VPN for iPhone

    internet privacy, cyber security, privacy apps, internet safety, security apps, private chat apps


    Cloak is a VPN service that allows you to use public Wi-Fi safely, or to bypass blocks on your web access. Cloak VPN offers a 30-day free trial. Cloak plans cost as little as $1.99/month after your free trial expires. Cloak stands out because of their friendly, funny, and fast customer service. It is not available for Android devices at this time.


  • Keeps your browsing history secure on public Wi-Fi
  • Fast and simple to get started
  • Use the app for 30 days before you have to pay a penny
  • Intuitive design
  • Reliable, lets you auto-secure on non-trusted or unfamiliar networks

  • Cons:

  • Service subscription costs add up over time
  • Service has both “passes” and “subscriptions.” If you’re currently paying for a subscription, you won’t be able to buy a pass, and vice versa.
  • No “blacklisting” function
  • Limited customization options
  • No Android or PC support

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