Uday Marty Killed: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

It has been reported by the San Jose Mercury News that Intel VP Uday Marty was among the six hikers killed during the recent tragedy on Mount Rainier in Washington. Here’s what you need to know about this Intel VP and the questions surrounding his death.

1. Uday Marty Was Killed on Mount Rainier

As we reported previously, a group of six climbers and hikers fell on Mount Rainier on June 1. The company of six included four experienced climbers and two guides under the employment of Seattle-based Alpine Ascents International.

2. Uday Marty Managed Southeat Asia for Intel

The Miami Herald quotes Marty’s Intel coworker (and Intel spokesman) Bill Calder:

“We are most definitely mourning his loss here…He was a guy with a great attitude, and he always had a big smile.”

Uday Marty managed Southeast Asia for Intel, and has been described as “a seasoned climber who made annual treks.”

3. Intel’s Uday Marty Was Passionate About Net Neutrality

Above, you can see Uday Marty’s final tweet. Dated May 25, Marty writes about the importance of net neutrality.

Other things he discussed on his Twitter page include the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, wearable devices, and a report about Intel’s upcoming Broadwell offering.

4. Circumstances of Uday Marty’s Death Still Unclear

Listen to the report above to learn more about this terrible tragedy.

According to NBC News, there are a lot of questions about the circumstances surrounding the Mount Rainier tragedy. NBC writes:

“It’s unclear whether the climbers were moving or camping at the time of the accident…Searchers located camping and climbing gear and detected signals from avalanche beacons buried in the snow at the top of the Carbon Glacier at 9,500 feet in elevation.

It’s also not known what caused the climbers to fall from their last known whereabouts at 12,800 feet on Liberty Ridge, whether it was rock fall or an avalanche.”

5. Uday Marty Worked for Intel for 18 Years

VideoVideo related to uday marty killed: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-06-02T22:57:12-04:00

The video interview above features Uday Marty, and was uploaded to YouTube just one week ago.

According to Marty’s LinkedIn profile, he had served Intel for nearly two decades. He was based out of Singapore. His profile reads, in part:

“18 years at Intel Corporation spanning multiple functional areas including design engineering, technical & product marketing, manufacturing, business strategy, roadmaps and sales & marketing, with a proven record of excellent results & leadership, understanding of industry dynamics, business strategy formulation. Helped design and define cutting edge products for segments including Consumer Electronics (HDTV/IPTV) & Workstations (Itanium® processors). Led building the first category of companion devices called Netbooks which ramped to a $1B+ business, managed an established business (Notebook Marketing) and am now responsible for Intel’s business interests in South East Asia across multiple market segments including small/medium business, enterprise, education, consumer/retail & distribution.

I am also an active mountain climber/hiker/runner and love dabbling in various languages.”

That latter is especially resonant, given the tragic manner of his death.

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