Lulu App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Lulu is a private network that lets women rate men anonymously. Women can rate men based on their looks, sense of humor and how good they’re in the bedroom. Read these 5 fast facts about the app that continues to cause controversy.

1. Lulu App Was Created by Alexandra Chong


In 2011, Alexandra Chong created a startup called Luluvise, which was a private network aimed at young women ranging from 18-25. In Jan 2013, Lulu conducted a small private beta at Florida State University and University of Florida to test the app among college students. The app became successful amongst female college students as it was downloaded 60,000 times in one month. In Feb 2013, Lulu launched as a mobile app and became successful amongst female college students was downloaded by 60,000 times in one month. In February 2013, Chong secured $2.5 million in finances from Yuri Milkar (an early investor in Facebook), and Hosain Rahman (founder of Jawbone. According to Alexandra Chong, the Lulu app is an “evolution” from

2. Lulu App Launched Android and iOS Platforms on February 5, 2013


Lulu, the popular private network that lets girls review the guys they know, launched on February 5, 2013. When the app first launched, it was available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app became successful as it “put women in the driver’s seat when it comes to dating intelligence.” Girls could review guys based on appearance, humor, first kiss, sex, commitment, etc. Even though girls need to register with their Facebook account, the app never posts to Facebook, and girls are anonymous on Lulu. Guys can also use Lulu to see their average score, see who’s checked out their profile, and which hashtags are being used to de

3. Women Can Rate Men In Different Categories


By using the Lulu app, women can rate men in different categories including ex-boyfriend, together, hooked up, friend and relative. Women can then use hashtags, which are used to describe a guys personality. Some examples of the hashtags on Lulu are: #HoplelessRomantic, #SexMoves, #EgoBooster, #CanTalkToMyDad, etc. Women can answer multiple choice questions about a guy’s sense of humor, manners and style. Lulu then creates a score from 1 to 10 that will appear on the mans profile picture.

4. Felippo de Almedia Scolari Sued the Lulu Because He Received a Bad Rating

According to the Daily Dot, Felippo de Almedia Scolari, 28. a young man from Sao Paulo, sued Lulu, because he received a poor rating, and he felt the app ruined his reputation. The 28 year old received a 7.7 out of 10 review and hashtags like “Doesn’tCallTheNextDay”, ‘#ShouldComeWithAWarning” and “#CheaperThanBreadAndButter.”

5. Guys Must Sign Up to Appear on Lulu

In the past, if guys tried to use Lulu it would not allow them to logon. Now, guys can easily see if their on Lulu by signing up for the app. Guys can see what their average rating is and what hashtags girls are using to describe them. The app also lets guys see how many women have search for them, and followed them. If you’re unhappy about the rating you received, you can remove your account by logging onto and go to settings to deactivate. Another option is by emailing with your Facebook username.