Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: What’s the Best Photography App?


When it comes to photography apps on the Google Play Store and App Store, there are plenty of apps to choose from such as Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Photo Editor by Aviary and Camera ZOOM FX. We’ve decided to compare two of the most popular photography apps, Pixlr Express and PicsArt, to see which will give you the best tools to enhance your photos.

1. Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: Getting Started

When you first login to Pixlr Express mobile app, you will need to accept their Software License Agreement. I noticed with Pixlr Express, that you don’t need to sign up. You will automatically be taken to the main menu, which gives you quick access to the in-app camera, photos in your image gallery and collage maker.

When you first open up PicsArt mobile app, you will need to sign up for their services. You can sign up with your Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will then have to complete out your PicsArt profile. Simply upload your photo, add info to the ‘About me’ section and start finding friends using the PicsArt app.

2. Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: Features

While Pixlr Express may look like a simple photo editor, it lets you transform your photos the way you want. To take advantage of Pixlr Express features, you can simply capture an image in real-time or choose to upload one from your image gallery. Once the image has been uploaded, tap on the image, and you will see all of the tools available to you. With Pixlr Express, you can explore and add cool effects like creative, default, soft, subtle, too old and unicolor. You can also add text, overlays, borders and make your photo look like a drawing or sketch with the pencil tool. A unique feature that Pixlr Express has is the ability to select from a variety of stickers to add to your images. Pixlr Express has stickers in different categories such as love, summer, nature, symbols, antique, accessories, tattoos, zodiac, etc.

PicsArt offers a lot of tools in which you can edit your photos. By tapping on edit, you can choose to edit photos from your phone’s photo library or capturing one in the moment. PicsArt provides a variety of enhancement tools so you can crop, flip/rotate, free crop, shape crop, stretch, clone, add curves, color, or resize your images. You can even add an array of effects: blur, artistic, pop art, paper, distort, color/splash and make corrections. The drawing tool allows you to choose different brushes and layers to make your photos look like a painting. The app has a DrawCam mode that lets you capture images and edit in real-time.

PicsArt also provides a free collage maker, that allows you to create collages in photo grids. You can even use tools to add text of your image. Of course, when you’re all done editing your images you can share your images to inspire other artists.

3. Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: User Interface

One of the first things you may notice with Pixlr Express is that it has a very basic user interface that is easy to use. While this photo-editing app looks basic, its packed with tons of photo-editing tools that can help make your photos appear more professional.

PicsArt mobile app sports a simple, but well designed user interface. If you’re new to the app, it’s easy for you to navigate your way around. While the app can look busy with all of the images, it certainly looks professional and clean.

4. Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: Mobile Apps

Pixlr Express is currently supported on multiple devices. You can download Pixlr Express on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

PicsArt is currently supported on multiple devices as well. You can download PicsArt on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and other platforms.

5. Pixlr Express vs. PicsArt: Conclusion

While it’s a close race, we prefer PicsArt over Pixlr Express. PicsArt is a popular social network for photographers can not only inspire you, but it can help bring out your creativity and inner artist. The app is packed with tons of tools so you can transform your photos.

Download the Android version of Pixlr Express

Download the iPhone version of Pixlr Express

Download the Android version of PicsArt

Download the iPhone version of PicsArt

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