WATCH: Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features & Secret Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t exactly new, but you’d be surprised how many S4 owners don’t know about these cool tricks and hidden features. Check out these handy videos to learn the hidden secrets of the Galaxy S4.

1. Turn Your Galaxy S4 Into a Spy Camera

Did you know that you can set up your Samsung Galaxy S4 as a “secret camera”? Well, you absolutely can, if you follow the directions in the video above. This trick also works on the Note 2, Galaxy S3, Mega 5.8 & 6.3, and S4 mini.

2. Open Apps 10x Faster

Is your S4 running slow? You can overcome the sluggish response of some apps by trying this trick. The video above will help you to open apps ten times faster than normal. If you are impatient, this is a pro tip that will definitely appeal to you.

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3. 10 Awesome, Time-Saving Tips for the S4

The video above runs down ten of the most useful tips for S4 users. Included in the video above are tips for paying with NFC and changing your scrolling settings. Another feature that you’ll really appreciate as the weather starts to turn cool is a trick for operating the screen while wearing gloves, or with your keys.

4. Prolong Your Battery Life & Make Your Battery ‘Smarter’

Want to prolong your battery life? You can learn how to set up power saver mode in the video above, which features the lovely Maddie from O2 Gurus. You can also trigger power saver mode when your battery hits a set level, making your battery “smarter.” The video also contains seven other helpful tips for S4 users.

5. Quickly Ignore Incoming Calls

This video from GadgetJM has 20 different features, but one of the coolest is a quick change in the settings menu to make it easy to ignore calls. With just a few taps, you can rig your Galaxy S4 to silence the ringer when you turn the phone onto its “face.” If you want a fast way to ignore telemarketers or your mother-in-law, this is a useful trick.