Scott Kveton’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The former girlfriend of Scott Kveton has filed a suit claiming that Kveton raped and assaulted her. Kveton is currently dating Sarah Tuthill.

The ex-girlfriend, who is referred to simply as “Jane Doe” on court documents, is seeking seeking nearly $3.3 million in damages. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Scott Kveton’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims She Was Assaulted

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Scott Kveton is pictured above. He is the CEO of Urban Airship, a tech company based in Portland, Oregon. According to the Oregonian, the girlfriend in question had previously filed complaints in 2010 and 2011, but Kveton was not charged after those incidents. The Oregonian writes:

“It’s a complicated case and a complicated relationship. Kveton and his accuser kept returning to one another, year after year, despite the police reports and court filings and allegations…

The relationship began in 2008, the year before Urban Airship launched, and stretched over five years into 2013. Kveton’s accuser told detectives that she met him online and that they began a sexual relationship at a time when both were married to other people, according to a Beaverton police report…

The first accusation involves an early Monday morning in February 2010, shortly after Kveton had moved out of the woman’s home…She went to sleep on a couch while Kveton slept upstairs. At some point, she told police, he texted to ask her to join him. When she declined, she said, Kveton came downstairs and raped her.”

According to the Portland Business Journal, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office won’t pursue charges against Scott Kveton related to 2010 allegations.

2. Scott Kveton Co-Founded Urban Airship, a Mobile Ad Company

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(Urban Airship)

In the wake of the allegations against Kveton, the former Urban Airship CEO opted to take “an extended leave of absence” from Urban Airship. Kveton was the company’s co-founder and CEO up until early July, when he stepped down. Urban Airship’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike Temple, has been named interim CEO.

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3. Scott Kveton May Face Both Criminal & Civil Lawsuits

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According to a recent report from the Oregonian, Scott Kveton has attorneys representing him in both the criminal and civil matters. Here are some the of details related to the civil suit:

“[The] civil suit accuses Kveton of two rapes at his Multnomah County home in 2012. The woman also claims he raped her at her home in Washington County on March 1, 2013. Eleven days later, the suit alleges, he ‘forcibly strangled the plaintiff, struck her with his hands, and spit upon plaintiff.’

The suit seeks at least $30,000 in unspecified medical expenses and $3.25 million in other, noneconomic’ damages related to the woman’s distress over the alleged incidents.”

In the civil matter, Kveton is being represented by Mark Wagner, partner at the Portland firm Hart Wagner. As for the criminal matter, which is still under investigation, Kveton has retained the services of Stephen Houze.

4. Scott Kveton’s Girlfriend, ‘Jane Doe,’ Wants Her Name Kept Out of the Press

You can see Kveton talk about his start-up experiences in the video above.

The girlfriend who accuses Scott Kveton of rape and assault has been listed only as “Jane Doe” on court documents. The Oregonian, which has been following the story since it broke earlier this summer, has elected to keep her name private out of respect for her sexual abuse claims. This is a relatively common practice. In the recent rape case against Google employee Justin Chan, the name of the alleged female victim was also kept under wraps.

5. Scott Kveton’s Ex-Girlfriend Experienced a ’50 Shades of Grey’-Style Relationship

Watch Kveton give a TED talk in the video above.

The Daily Mail, along with other news outlets, has referred to the relationship between Jane Doe and Scott Kveton as being similar to 50 Shades of Grey. The Daily Mail writes:

“As the 34-year-old accuser described to investigators, she and the 40-year-old CEO engaged in sexual role-playing and pushed each other’s buttons.

But in numerous emails and text messages sent to Kveton, the lover claimed that he had gone too far…”

The Daily Mail adds that Kveton and his current girlfriend, Sarah Tuthill, are raising his two children.